Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eamon Graduates!

Eamon had his P-3 (Preschool for 3 year olds) Graduation last night!! Since he will still be three when school starts next year, he will remain in the same class for another year, and he will graduate all over again this time next year :)
Eamon's role was to sing the Angel of God song, and he was so cute up there...pulling up his pants, looking shy, and singing with his little lisp!!

Eamon is very lucky to have his cousins, Tommy: & Ryan: in his class, so it was a family affair.

There were lots of songs to be sung:

He was very proud to get his diploma from Father, see that superhero stance??

And here he is with the best P-3 teacher in the world, Miss Marijanna!!

Congrats to his whole class, what a bunch of cuties!


  1. Those pics are so great! Your son has beautiful blue eyes!

  2. Wow... just look at those baby blues! He is just so adorable! Kids are just TOO cute when they are singing. I'm sure it was a wonderful celebration! :)

  3. Preschool is awesome :) Everyone is always so happy! Congrats to Eamon :)

  4. just found your blog! Love it!

    Also, I am loving that name!!!Eamon!!!!! The fact he's such a handsome little man doesn't hurt either. ;)

  5. Too cute! I bet the singing was just precious. Congrats Eamon!

  6. I love that super hero pose!! Those are the fun things I don't get to experience because I don't have boys :D
    He looks so proud!!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog! Have a blessed day!!

  7. happy p3 graduation to him.

    when my eldest dd went to a private catholic k years ago, half the class was cousins of each other. She was one of about 3 children who weren't cousins. Kinda funny but cute. I like how your family sticks together.

  8. adorable!!!! Yay for little Eamon!

  9. Sigh... can't believe my kids are all growing up! Thank GOD Eamon's mine again next year. Thanks for the shout out!


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