Friday, September 19, 2014

Sept QT in September


Joining Jen and so excited that Edel will be in South Carolina in 2015!  I mean, I don't know where the money is going to come from to buy a plane ticket, reserve a hotel room and pay for the Edel ticket, but God can do the impossible!

Gotta love the South!


After my post about my postpartum hairloss, a few of you gave some advice that I should get my thyroid tested.  Then I went to the hairdresser to get a bob, and upon seeing the sad state of my thinning hair, she said the same thing.  So I called my doctor's office who set me up for the blood work right away and the tests came back this week that my thyroid levels are fine.  I guess this 6th postpartum stage is just not very kind to my follicles.  I would hate to see what would happen after a seventh bambino!


This made me so happy this week:

Did you know Meghan Trainor is from Nantucket, an island off of Cape Cod where I grew up?  So we're kinda like besties but she doesn't know it.  Like a one-sided stalker bestie.


The baby is teething like it's his full-time job, and Phil has been doing the night-time wakeups, bless his heart.  I need to go on weekend duty to give that man a break.  I just don't do sleep loss as well as he does. 


Related to #4: Sleep is my favorite.


Birthday season is coming up fast in our house.  Next week, Eamon turns 8, a week later, Andrew turns 10, and a week after that Phil turns 34.  I'm exhausted just typing that!  Me + Amazon Prime = BFF.


And that's that.  Have a great football watching - summer weather - weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Detachment Parenting

Up until this point in my vocation as a mom, I have been practicing what I like to call “detachment parenting”.  Detachment parenting is pretty much what you would expect it to be – the opposite of attachment parenting to a baby.  The opposite of being a helicopter mom to a child.  On a good day, it’s trying to encourage my kids to be independent and take care of things on their own and not look to Mom or Dad for help in every area of life.  On a bad day, my laziness and selfishness can be easily masked beneath this style of parenting.

I was able to grow up in a house with lots of siblings who were expected to be responsible and be self-motivated.  I don’t know if that came hand-in-hand with being part of a big family, or having a family business, or if my parents just forgot about us and we were left to fend for ourselves… just kidding, Mom and Dad, you were the greatest!  I can honestly never once remember my parents having to check on my schoolwork, make my breakfast or lunch, or remind me what days and times I had ice-skating or violin lessons.  I was organized and determined and didn’t need any help from anybody.  I had a checking account at age 12, made my own money babysitting and working in the ice cream store, did well in school, went off to college and grad school, got married and started having kids of my own.  And I was going to raise those kids just as I had been raised – independent and responsible.

Heeheehee, my current self is laughing at my past self.

But, for awhile it worked!  For a loooong while, in fact!  I taught those babies to sleep in their own space and self-soothe, toddlers were expected to clean up after themselves, school-aged kids needed to get their own clothes and backpacks ready.  I never checked homework unless a teacher required a signature.  The kids got good grades and I didn’t have to worry.  They had chores to do and sports to practice and masses to serve, and they were able to get it all done with relative ease.

Until this year.

I’m not sure if it was the transition to the new school, a new baby in the mix, the fact that my oldest is in middle school, or the integration of technology between the classroom and home, but whoa nelly we’ve been doing a lot more hands-on parenting this year.  Which is tough since our 5 month old and wild toddler still very much need those hands.

Last night I was working with my 6th grade son for an hour and a half while he was doing homework.  I was looking up assignments on the teacher’s webpages and setting him up on our home computer so he could research for an essay to be written on his google drive.  I went shopping for a Spanish to English dictionary and more pens that he suddenly needed at the last minute.  I spent an hour having a parent meeting with my husband after that child went to sleep, determining new rules for accountability and consequences for bad grades and incomplete assignments.  We have a child that needs us to be on top of him at the moment.  We have a child that needs help in getting organized and learning study skills.  We have a child that needs to learn that there is no play time until all the schoolwork gets done.  We have a child that needs discipline and structure until they can learn to work on their own. 

I never thought I would have a child like this.  Isn’t that so prideful and na├»ve of me? God threw me a curveball this year, and has caused my laid back detachment parenting style to go out the window for the time being.  He’s an amazingly talented and good boy who is just struggling with all the changes in his life.  I hope this is simply a turning point where he needs help to get on track and we can eventually go back to being more hands-off, but for now we are going to help him any way we can.  After all, whether we practice attachment parenting or detachment parenting, the key word is parenting, and we’ll gladly change our pre-set philosophies to suit our child’s needs.  It’s going to be a challenging year and we all have a lot of growing up to do, but he's so worth it.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Daybook

Outside my window...

...sunny and crisp.  It's definitely feeling like the Fall, which is my most favorite season ever!  We forgot to close a couple windows last night, and were freezing this morning as it was in the forties, brrrr.  

I am thinking...

....of running another half-marathon.  But not until March which means I can procrastinate on the training for a few more months.  I keep thinking I'm not able to work out hard because "I just had a baby!" but that baby is 5 months now and I ran my last half-marathon when Alexander was 7 months.  So no excuses.

March 2012

I am thankful for...

...the kids all seem to be settling into their new school very well.  Alexander loves his teachers and talks about them all the time (one of his teachers is really beautiful and wears dresses and high heels and he thinks she is soooo pretty).  This year, all the kids get free breakfast and lunch at school (thanks to a government program) and so I'm thankful that our grocery bills are declining and we don't have to make breakfast in the morning.

From the kitchen...

...Ummm, I'd have to leave work and see if my imaginary wife was home cooking anything delicious.  But since she's kinda lazy, we'll be having stuffed chicken and salad tonight.  No dessert because I overate all weekend long!!

I am wearing...

...Maternity navy blue cords (not pregnant), a white tank top and a navy and white cardigan.  My hair is also chopped in a bob above my shoulders and my face is wearing some noticeable bags from last night.

I am creating...

...simple meal plans on my Google calendar each week.  We have soccer practices three afternoons a week, and are struggling to get healthy and fast dinners on the table.  

A little planning and nighttime cooking (for the next day) are going to help me out big time.

I am going... start going to Adoration for an hour once a week.  I know my head thinks I am too busy for this, but my heart and soul NEED it.  Plus I always find that if you make time for prayer and Mass, you somehow get more accomplished each day.  It's the graces, baby.

I am reading...

...nothing.  I have to read A Mother's Rule of Life that Sophia Institute Press sent to me for review, so I need to make some time for that at night before I crash hard.

I am hoping...

...that Declan sleeps better tonight!  We moved him into a crib in Alexander's room, but last night was a disaster.  he peed through his pajamas, woke up about 4 times, ate once, and woke up Alexander with his fussing.  We will buy some nighttime diapers and hope that helps.

I am hearing...

...sweet sweet silence.

Around the house...

...So not only did we set up the crib and put the little boys in one bedroom together, but we moved Maggie out to the open hallway to create a bedroom for her.  She has a queen bed and dresser and we need to hang curtains to divide her bedroom from the hallway.  I'll show photos when it's finished.  As Phil was setting up the crib for the 6th time, he said how happy he was to be getting it out again, and I told him that my body and that crib were on it's last legs, so not to get any ideas :)

But he's so cuuuute!!

One of my favorite things...

...a chocolate pumpkin bread recipe my friend gave me.  Oh boy is it delicious!  Come over and I;ll bake you some :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:

~ 4 Soccer practices
~ 4 Soccer games
~ Family Fun Night at the kid's school
~ A weight check and shots for Declan (He was 14.45 pounds at 5 months)
~ Middle school youth group for John-Paul

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:

Apple Picking 2013, because it's almost time again!!

Happy Monday!

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