Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Notes from the Couch, Rio Style

It's Olympics time, and I have been waiting for these two weeks alllllll summer.  Partly because I love watching the Olympics, and partly (mostly) because I knew once the Olympics were airing, baby would be debuting soon after.  I kept picturing myself, 9 months pregnant, sitting in my air conditioned bedroom, eating ice cream and hoping Bob Costa's eyes were back to normal after Sochi:

And here we are, and Bob Costa is back to normal.  But my how things have changed.  Missy Franklin is not winning every swimming event  ~ what's going on with her? I'm seriously concerned.  I just watched a documentary about her on Netflix called Touch the Wall, and she is such a sweetheart who wanted to swim for college and refused to go pro.  But then after two years of college, she turned pro and somehow has gone downhill.  Please don't tell me she peaked at 17, that would be so sad.

Michael Phelps was amazing last night...in the dressing room.  While his rival, Chad Le Clos was (I say "bullying", Phil says "trying to get in his head"), Michael gave him the death stare of all death stares:

They'll be swimming next to each other in the finals tonight - should be good!

The Russians are accused of doping, and Lily King is speaking out vocally, and (thank goodness) beating her competitor fair and square.  Crack is whack, remember that.

Speaking of crack, every time this husband/coach comes in view, Phil says "Is nobody questioning what kind of drugs this married couple is on?"  Because seriously, he is in full beast mode, she is packed, and even she describes their relationship as complicated:

Roid rage?

Sychronized Diving is one of the Olympic sports I just can't watch.  I don't get it, why can't they just dive individually?  I can't keep my eyes on both people to understand if they did well or not.  It's too nerve racking.

A 41 year old gymnast is competing for Uzbekistan.  Wow!

How can I fail to mention the French gymnast who broke his leg so gruesomely?  I'll just give you the aftermath photo, you can google the more disturbing images if you want.

Simone Biles is an amazing little powerhouse gymnast to watch.  All the US gymnasts are so fun to watch, actually.  What a great and talented group!  

But isn't the size difference of these two Olympic athletes so amazing?

A person's a person, no matter how small.  Or tall.  :)

The cycling events had me riveted, even though they ride for hours and hours.  I just can't get over who would think riding bikes together that closely, at downhill speeds of 50 miles per hour around dangerous turns wearing barely any protection would be a good idea?  

Sometimes it's not.  Shudder.

We googled "Do cyclists wear diapers?" after contemplating how they ride for over 6 hours, and got some interesting responses.  I know now what  "doing a charley" means.  And then to see all the spectators running out into the streets to cheer them on...I kept thinking somebody was going to get run over.  I couldn't not watch.

And in bikini news, I mean beach volleyball news, Keri Walsh has a new partner but just as little clothing.  If I'm going to be in the sun all day, falling around in the sand, running/jumping/hitting a ball...why would I ever want to wear barely-there clothing?  I feel like these women should be the most covered up of all the athletes!  When I'm at the beach with my kids, and basically all I do is sit in a chair or walk to the water to dip my toes in, I still come home with sand in places I didn't know existed.  How do they handle it?  Plus, look at this (sexist?) discrepancy:



Just saying.

Also, I sing Copacabana in my head every time I see the beach in Rio.  Who's with me and Barry Manilow?

I can't wait for Track and Field to start next week as well as my own Olympic event to be over.  If you don't think pushing out a baby that you've been growing for 9 months is Olympic-event worthy, then you're not a mom :)  And that's my Notes from the Couch, Rio Style.  See ya on the flip side.

Friday, August 5, 2016

7QT: August, Baby!

TGIFing with Kelly and the best.


It's August!  It's Baby Month!!  Wow, this is seriously my longest pregnancy everrrrrrrr...said all pregnant woman everywhere.  

Because of my gestational diabetes diagnosis, I have between 2 and 4 appointments every week.  This week included two non-stress tests, a doctor's visit, and an ultrasound.  I've thankfully been able to schedule all my appointments for right after work, so I haven't had to interfere with my work schedule yet.  But it definitely makes for long days.  This baby seems to be very chill, which often causes concern because his heart rate is low (alarms literally go off) and he doesn't move that much when he is supposed to (which requires extra non-stress tests and ultrasounds).  When I'm laying in bed trying to sleep, he is as active as an Olympian in training, but just not when he is supposed to be performing.  He is measuring a week ahead, and at 37 weeks 2 days, I'm having tons of contractions, so I'm hoping that means I'll be giving birth in less than two weeks.  We shall see!


Alexander spent his birthday money on a Spider Man water shooter glove.  He was so excited to order it and wait for it to come in the mail.  And he is smart, because he bought two so that Declan would have his own and there wouldn't be any fighting.  


Some meals lately:

Strawberries with cottage cheese, egg salad on multi-grain English muffins, and chicken salads of both the grilled and crispy variety.  Also, lots of greek yogurt, fried eggs, chicken sausages and tuna salads.  I have had zero cravings and am not usually hungry, so it's just a matter of making myself eat something.  What a difference from all my other pregnancies, when I craved all the foods that weren't good for me.

Honestly, I stopped testing my blood sugar at 37 weeks.  My numbers are great if I follow the diet, so it's not an issue.  When they ask how my numbers are I say "Great!" and that's that.


Most of our summer scheduled sports are over.  Swimming lessons are finished, the mile races are done, the summer soccer tournament is over, and the summer basketball league just ended.  Now fall soccer practices have started up.  It will be a busy fall with 5 soccer players and a toddler and a newborn.  When Eamon's coach asked us if he could play for the travel league, we had to stifle a laugh as we politely declined.  No can do!  Pray for us!


Maggie is now a sacristan at our church!  At our parish, only boys can serve altar (Kendra wrote about that) and only girls can be sacristans.  I think it's wonderful and it gets all the kids involved while giving them a cool little boys/girls club to belong to.  Maggie was trained and went mini-golfing, ate junk food, and won the Guess How Many Gummy Bears are in the Container game.  She guessed 1820 and there were 1815.  Impressive, but now we have tons of sugar in our house!


Andrew and Eamon went to Patriots Training Camp last weekend with some of my family members (it was too hot for me to go) and had so much fun.  I love these two and there love for sports and each other.  I hope they always stay close!


Story time.  

A couple weeks ago, Eamon went down to our basement and said he saw a cat that wasn't ours down there.  Phil went down and couldn't see anything, and nobody else ever saw anything strange again.  We kept teasing Eamon about this mystery cat he supposedly saw, but he insisted he saw it.  Then last week, Maggie went up to her bedroom and came down crying hysterically (have I mentioned her love for the dramatic?) saying Evie (our cat) had pooped on her rug.  Phil and I started laughing because it certainly couldn't have been cat poop, Evie has never once not pooped in her litter box in the basement.  I said, maybe it's a hairball and Phil went up to clean it.  He came back down and said that it was definitely poop.  What?!?!?  Fast forward to this week when Phil and my dad were cleaning out our basement (Phil has caught the nesting bug that keeps evading me) and realized one of our basement windows was broken!  The hole was (you guessed it) big enough for a "random" (Xander's favorite adjective) cat to crawl through.  I think we actually did have a mystery cat in our basement, eating our cat's food and pooping in Maggie's bedroom.  We are lucky that's all that seemed to have gotten in!  Eamon is so proud to be vindicated!

And that's all she wrote!  Have a happy, sunny, labor-inducing (my oil and tea are being delivered today!), nesting kind of August weekend everybody!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

X to the 5th

My handful of a fifth child turned five yesterday!  I was the fifth child, and a perfect one at that, so I'm not sure why Alexander isn't following suit ;)  He certainly keeps us on our toes.  Case in point, two days before his birthday, he was sitting beside me on the couch and went to stand up.  His little legs were tucked beneath him, and as he went to pull one out, it got stuck on the leather (pleather?) and he fell face first into our coffee table.  There was mucho blood and after the tears and blood stopped, he looked like this:

I sent out an SOS on Instagram and emailed my dentist's office a photo, and the Office Manager called me back from home, on a Sunday, because she's awesome and we share the same name.  

Side Note 1: every time I call the dentist's office, I have to clarify who I am by saying "Colleen Martin, the pregnant one"  or "Colleen Martin, the one with all the kids" so they know which one I am.  

Anyhoo, she said to bring him in for an xray the next day.  The next morning, he wasn't in any pain, and Phil took him to camp with him until his appointment later that afternoon.  After morning Mass, I get a text from Phil that Xander had opened up his water bottle with his teeth (as one does) and the tooth got wiggly and started bleeding and he pulled it out himself!  I won't share the tooth photo here again but you can hop over here to see what a baby tooth looks like, root and all.  I took him to the dentist and they just cleaned it up a bit, took an xray and said there's nothing more to be done now.  God is good, because he may have had to get it pulled if it didn't come out on its own!  We went for some (soft-serve!) ice cream to celebrate:

Xander was very excited to show everybody his tooth in the cool tooth holder they gave him, that he almost lost it twice at my parent's house within minutes.  That would have been devastating because how would the tooth fairy have come??!!??  

Side Note 2: I once lost my little sister's tooth under out kitchen island when we were kids.  She got so mad at me and I had to write a note to the tooth fairy apologizing.  It was traumatic for the both of us and I can't not think of that story every time my kids lose teeth.

On the morning of his 5th birthday, Xander awoke to a whole dollar from the tooth fairy!

Side Note 3: JP declared that he only got a quarter for his first tooth and then a nickel for each one following.  Total lie, but he really believes it.

  And now his smile looks like this:

Hey Shorty, it's your birthday, and we gonna...you know the rest.  

He picked pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream for his birthday dinner (he called it "dreakfast") and Declan be like, where's my berries and cream, woman?

He got some too, don't fret, we just wanted him to eat some pancakes first and once the whipped cream comes out, that's all he will eat.  Who can blame him?

 Then came presents from Mom and Dad:

Eamon was at a basketball game, and JP was taking the world's longest shower when gifts happened.  It was already past bedtime so we kept the party rolling right along.  You snooze (or ball or shower) you lose!

He got a Superhero Book, an Avenger Wii game, another Avenger Wii game, a stomp rocket, and a pack of dinosaur flashcards.  He also got a bouncy ball from Andrew and one from Eamon, so sweet.

My parents and his godfather will be coming over on Sunday to celebrate again, where we will have Chinese food and ice cream sundaes (birthday boy's choice!).  My parents couldn't make it on his actual birthday because my Dad had surgery to remove the staples placed in his chest after his open heart surgery a couple years ago.  They were causing him pain, so out they went, and he looks like he did fantastic:

Grandparents of 22 on St Joachim & St. Anne's feast day.

Side note 4: That's grilled cheese and chicken soup for dinner, in case you were wondering like some of my siblings were in the group texts last night.  We love to eat :)

Happy 5th Birthday, Alexander Blaise!  We can't get enough of you and your funny, shy, accident-prone, quirky personality.  I'm pretty sure God broke the mold when He created you! You're our one-in-a-million kid and we love you so much!

Friday, July 22, 2016

7QT: Summer Camp Ideas

Phil's in the middle of his three week summer camp, and he's been doing some really neat crafts with the kids that I thought might be fun to share.  If anyone is stuck at home this summer with bored (and hungry!  always hungry!) kids, here's some ideas to liven things up.



This seemed to be the favorite activity so far.  The directions are here.


Superhero Capes

I never would have thought to use cheap disposable tablecloths for this, but they worked out great!  Directions here.  This project can take up a lot of time (if that's your objective) because you can have the kids come up with a superhero, write down their superpowers, design their costume and then create it.  Fun!


Bubblewrap Dance Party

Phil hasn't done this activity yet, but he bought bubblewrap to tape to the floor and have kids play freeze dance on top of it.  When the music stops, whoever pops is out.  He also is going to tape sections of the bubble wrap to the floor and have contests to see which group can pop all their bubbles first.


Sun Art

Phil made us 7 little shamrocks :)

Using this special paper, you can let the sun make designs from objects in nature (or any objects) that you place underneath.


Making Homemade Ice Cream

Using directions like these, but in empty protein powder containers (we love our protein shakes!) the kids made actual ice cream yesterday and said it was great!


Sponge Balls

He tries to take the kids out for water play a lot, and though he's a HUGE fan of these water balloons, this year he also tried making sponge balls and they turned out great because you can keep using them after all the balloons have popped.


Spaghetti & Marshmallow Towers

This is a really cheap activity.  You can do it in groups or individually and judge it in any way you'd like - most creative, tallest, longest, etc.

And a bonus, here's some:

Silly Songs that Get Stuck in Your Head

The kids are loving these videos to dance and sing to at the end of everyday:

Have a dance-filled, craft-filled, anti-boring kind of weekend everybody!  Linking up with Kelly as one does on Fridays :)