Friday, September 13, 2019

TGIF with GIFs

I *think* we're settled into our school routines.  Some notes for memory's sake (because Lord knows I'm losing it fast!)...


We spend less on groceries during the school year because the elementary school kids get free breakfast and lunch at school.  They complain about it, but there's enough variety each day that I know they'll eat something, even if it is just a "meat and cheese sandwich" everyday (that would be Declan).  Every night, we pack two snacks in the lunchboxes and call it done.  Every morning, they whine and complain as they watch their high school siblings eat breakfast at home ("They're eating allllll the good cereal!") and make a real lunch to take ("It's so unfair!") so that's been fun.


I haaaaaate that the chunk of time I have with my little guys is also their worst acting time of the day.  I have them from after school until bedtime, which is roughly from 4-7pm, though we've been putting them to bed at 6:45 because they're so exhausted.  I know their crankiness can be cured with some quality time and food in their bellies, but I am busy making said food and employ the older kids to take them outside to play, or pull out a game during this time.  Then it's dinner, cleanup, bath and bedtime and I am left feeling like I barely saw them.  Tis the working parent's life, but it's still hard on them and me.

Monday, September 9, 2019

First Comes Marriage

I found this photo from our trip to Story Land in New Hampshire this summer.  Alexander was very persistent in asking me if he could take a picture using my "real camera" which is expensive and normally a no-no for the kids to touch.  But, I finally agreed, and showed him what to do, and he snapped this photo of Phil and I.  It's blurry, but I love it sooooo much because of that little boy sitting and smiling at his Mom and Dad.  He just looks so happy to see us together.

It was a good reminder for me that if Phil and I are working on our marriage, trying to make each other happy, serving one another, and keeping each other on the path to ultimately makes our kids happy.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Seven Students in School (It's Surreal!!)

School started for Brendan this week.  Brendan is our new three year old, and also "the baby" of our big, crazy, loud family.  He has been so very excited to start school like his siblings, and besides a few potty accidents on the first day, seems to be thriving!  Gammy gave him a "Baby Shark" backpack for his birthday, and we had a shark lunch box, so he's in oceanic heaven.

I loooooove that I have five kids at the Catholic P-8 school, and two at our Catholic high school, where both Phil and I work.  We are so lucky to have these schools available for our kids and I'm forever grateful.

I am also shocked that ALL of my kids are in school.


Nobody is away at college, nobody is at daycare, nobody is in utero (that I know of!).

(It's only taken us 16 years to get here.)

From L-R: JP is a Junior, Eamon is in 7th, Xander is in 3rd, Brendan's in P3, Declan is in Kindergarten, Maggie's in 6th, and Andrew is a Freshman.  Five kids in one school, two kids in another - all the same colors!

Friday, August 30, 2019

7 Random Friday Thoughts

Linking up with Kelly with some Quick Takes...

My new Kindergartner loves using the work "random" whenever possible.  We were at the playground last weekend and he kept hanging around me, so I told him to go play, and he said "I don't want to go play with random people!"  And the introvert in me totally gets it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Thoughts on Being An Older Mom (After Years of Being a Young One!)

My my, how perspectives change with age.

I remember dropping off my first born to preschool when he was the ripe old age of 3 and I was only 27.  I distinctly recall seeing a mom in active wear with her 3 year old son that looked much older than me.  We later became friends, and I learned she was *gulp* in her 40s! 

A year later, I was still one of the younger moms dropping off my second child to preschool.  Two years later, I said goodbye to child three, and a year after that, child number four began.  There I was, 30 years old with four young kids, all in school.  

Friday, August 23, 2019

Story Land 2019: Ghost Cars, Scared Pandas, and DISCOUNTED TICKETS!

On Brendan's last day of being a two year old, we took the "littles" to Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire.  You're free until you're three at Story Land so we made the cutoff by the skin of our teeth.  First stop was a photo with the clown (I have one of these from each year we visit).

Next stop was the Antique Cars.  This line is always the longest and so we wanted to get in right when the park opened.  Funny story, I had just sunscreened and bugsprayed everyone when we got out of the car (we travelled from MA where EEE is making history this summer, unfortunately) and while we were in line, a little girl in front of us exclaimed "Something smells!" and her mom quickly shushed her.  I laughed and said "Oh it's us!  We smell like lemons from the bug spray!"  and we all chuckled at the little girl's lack of filter.