Friday, March 27, 2020

7QT: The I Feel Lucky and Grateful Edition

TGIF and Quarantine Week Two under our belts.  I don't know if it's the sunshine or what, but I'm feeling very lucky and grateful this week.  Linking up with Kelly, and away we go...


My sister-in-law sent this, and it gave me a good chuckle.  I actually have been thinking a lot about single people during this time.  It must be so hard to live alone, and not be able to hang out with friends or go on dates.  I feel so lucky to already be married and have a family!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Self Care in Times Like These

Even though I feel Self Care can easily become an excuse for Selfish Care (when one's wants are prioritized over other's needs), we are truly trying to order our day to make sure our family's needs are being met during this Coronavirus Quarantine.  The five main pillars of Self Care are Physical, Social, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional.  Let's break it down.


This is normally an easy one to check off for us.  Get enough sleep.  Check.  Eat nutritious foods, and not too much.  Check.  Drink lots of water.  Check.  Move your body every day.  Check.   The challenge is continuing to do all of this when we are stuck at home (no gym! no kids sports!) with limited groceries (no bread!  no flour!).  For starters, I've been using each morning to walk the dog and then bake a snack.  I've made bread, definitely want to try Rosie's recipe next), homemade granola - where has this been all my life?, pumpkin bread and loads of banana muffins, thanks to our freezer stash of overly ripe bananas.

No raisins, no cashews, just doubled up on the slivered almonds.

Runners Gotta Run

Bare bread aisle!

Pioneer Woman's Tomato Soup

Every day after online school, we take the kids out to the track or tennis courts and they run and play in the fresh air.  When the weather is rainy (why so much now that we're all home?) we do workout videos or live Zoom classes when available.  The dog is getting lots of long walks too.

My Kindergartner can run 3 miles!  Get this kid a coach!

 I challenged Phil to drink a gallon of water a day with me this week, and that is definitely keeping us full.  We're eating so much less processed foods without having to pack lunches and snacks.  Turns out being home is much more conducive to healthy eating, though we all struggle with wanting to snack all the time because it's available.  

Friday, March 20, 2020

7QT: Week One of the Coronavirus Quarantine

Joining with Kelly today at the end of the craziest week ever?!?!


I saw this on twitter and had to laugh.  We just made the cutoff with our family of nine!!


"No gatherings of 10 or more people"

Big Families:

"One of you has to go"

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Schooling and Working from Home

We are currently in the first week of our three-week home-spension.  It's going well...and not so well.  Let's discuss.


1) We get to start our day later!  Instead of rushing out the door at 6:45 am, we don't need to report to work and school until 8:00.  In addition, we don't need to dress up or wear uniforms.

2) The school day is shorter.  The highschool kids (and their teacher Dad) are done at 1 each day.  The middleschoolers and elementary kids do their work by lunch time. 

Friday, March 13, 2020

7QT Friday: Toilet Paper, Mother's Rings, and an Easter GIVEAWAY!

What a weird week!  Linking up with Kelly because I need some normalcy this week.


 I ordered groceries from Walmart (so nice to NOT have to go into the store during this viral outbreak), including toilet paper, and when Phil went to pick it up, they said the toilet paper was out of stock.  I thought they meant they didn't have the brand/size I had ordered (I don't watch the news) and asked him to go inside and get some other kind.  He went inside (which defeats the whole grocery pick up) and sent me this picture:

I immediately get on amazon and start looking for toilet paper, which was impossible to find in stock!  I was thiiiiiis close to buying industrial huge rolls when Phil called to say the Walmart closer to our house had some in stock.  So I sent JP out to buy some, and he came home with five 4 packs of toilet paper. It's amazing how a store being out of something sends us into a panic for that item!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Things I Don't Want to Remember, March 2020

Just in case you thought our life was perfectly happy and's not.  And while every day is a gift, sometimes you want to exchange it for a different one, ya know?

Phil and I had a crazy schedule this week, with the peak being five events in one night.  We had two playoff basketball games, Freshman Orientation at our high school (Phil and I both had to work the event), our weekly Adoration hour, and a Christopher West talk that we had bought four tickets for a long time ago (for Phil and I and the two oldest boys).  All of that in one night!  We had to call in reinforcements, have family pick up kids, get our Adoration hour covered, and miss the Christopher West talk.  Ugh, the logistics can be such a nightmare in our family!