Friday, September 23, 2016

7QT on a Sunny September Day

Joining Kelly on this gorgeous Friday...


Eamon is turning ten on Monday!  My third baby to hit double digits, crazy!  When our kids turn 10 they get a special birthday - either a party with friends (we always do family parties otherwise) or a bigger-than-usual gift.  JP and Andrew both chose the gift route and got kindles and accessories.  Eamon is choosing the party with friends.  He wants to go to an indoor trampoline park and when I asked him for a list of friends to invite, he said "My siblings, my cousin Tommy, and Brad (a 7th grader he looks up to)."  That was it!  He is so sweet, he basically just wants his family there and I didn't think Brad would want to go to a 4th grader's bday party, but he's such a great kid and he said yes.  Eamon is thrilled.  It's all going down this Saturday.


Allllllll week I have been trying to get both Declan and Brendan down for a nap at the same time, with no luck.  Today I finally did it and of course I'm too excited to sleep.  Urgh!  Hence, blogging.  Then cake making for the almost ten year old.


Our fish tank is gross.  The water gets green so fast, and we have real plants in there that were supposed to help with keeping it clean, and a sucky fish who supposedly eats the algae to keep it clean, but we are as kermit as it gets in there.  It's not easy being green.  Poor Phil, who was adamantly opposed to the fish tank in the first place (it was a spontaneous purchase by the kids in a moment of weakness for me) has cleaned it out so many times since we got it.  It'll look good for a few days then start going green again.  What do we need to do to have a crystal clear tank??


Someone on my IG feed recommended getting these jeans from Target, and said they run big so size down.  I took her advice and ordered two sizes smaller than I would normally to try and fit this postpartum body.  They came and were still a little loose in the waist.  They are a size six...What!?!?  If you're someone who wants to feel good based on the size jeans they wear, then these are your new bffs.  (You know we all do it).

You keep thinking you're a size 6, Mom :)


So you know how I like to pretend that I'm pretty healthy?  I mostly eat pretty well and I love to exercise (especially in my new sneakers!). I get as much sleep as my schedule allows and I take my vitamins and drink all the water.  But somehow, my body is turning on me.  First I had the gestational diabetes, and when I went last week for a followup checkup, they discovered that although my blood sugar levels were fine, I have super high LDL numbers.  I told the Nurse Practitioner that my Dad has high cholesterol, and she said "Well, as of today, so do you."  I guess the LDL should be below 100 and mine was 198.  Eeeeekkkk!  It's never been above 100 before, so I think something else is going on...thyroid perhaps?  I'm seeing the OB for my 6 week checkup in a week and I'll ask him to run some more tests.  In the meantime it's all oatmeal and egg whites in this joint.  Is 37 the new 73?


Have you guys been watching the new TV shows?  We enjoyed Kevin James' new one (just big fans of his comedy from The King of Queens days) and loved Designated Survivor with Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland, and finally really loved This Is Us.  That first episode was so good (after the initial opening shot.  Don't say I didn't warn you!)


In case you ever wondered what life with six boys is like, it's a little bit of this:

Sweet kisses for "Mamma Mary"

and a whole lot of this:

Real booger included

And on that note (pun intended), have a wonderful booger-free weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Exercise: Before and After


I'm so tired

This house is a mess

The baby is so fussy

I just yelled at Declan for accidentally spilling my coffee

I'm a horrible mother

Time to change a poopy diaper

I really need to clean these walls

Kids are so rough on a house

I wish I had a housecleaner

And a nanny

And a cook

And a chauffeur

Being at home can be so lonely

But I don't want to be social either

I have to plan for the Baptism party...and shop...and bake...and clean

So much to do, no energy to do it

None of my clothes fit, guess it's maternity shorts yet again

How many poopy diapers can one baby make?

It's not even 9 am yet??

Help me Jesus!

Force myself to get dressed and ready for a walk.  Put Declan in stroller with some snacks and strap on Brendan in the carrier and head out.


What a beautiful sunny day

I am so lucky to live in a nice and safe area

God created this world so beautifully

Declan is such a good boy in the stroller

Brendan is napping

All of my kids are healthy

My body is amazing...all these babies and I am strong and healthy

I should make the family a nice dinner tonight

I love my husband and kids so much

I am blessed beyond belief

It'll be nice to see everyone at the Baptism

Who cares what I wear?  It's not about me anyway, my baby is receiving a Sacrament!

I'm going to make myself a nutritious lunch today

And sit down and enjoy it

Wow its already lunch time!

Today has been awesome

I bet I can tidy up this house in 20 minutes, I'll do at the next nap time.  No big deal.

I have everything I need

I have everything I want

Thank you Jesus for this life

Exercise: Turning this mom's bad mood into a good attitude since 2002.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

He Said, She Said

Looking in Andrew's backpack...

Phil: Andrew, why do you have two deodorants in your backpack?

Andrew: Because the middle school teachers say we stink.

Phil: But why TWO?

Andrew: I like to put on both to make sure I smell really good!



After reading Green Eggs and Ham for the hundredth time:

Xander: Oh I get it now! I know why he finally likes green eggs and ham.

Phil: Why?

Xander: Because he ate them on a boat, and the salt from the water got on them, and salt makes eggs taste good!


JP got hurt two days in a row at school, both times by basketballs being thrown at him:

Me: What's going on?  Who's throwing basketballs at you?  Who should I beat up?

JP: No, Mom, it's just the sixth grade girls trying to get my attention.

Me: Why?

JP: Because they all have crushes on me.



Upon seeing some freshly baked cookies:

Xander: Yes, you can have a cookie!

Me: Huh?

Xander: Yes, you can have a cookie!  Now you say that in your voice to me.



Discussing NFP options for the future:

Me: We can try the Marquette Model again...

Phil: That's how we got Brendan.

Me: Well, we can just have a Josephite marriage until we're fifty.

Phil: Sounds fun.  

Me: Or we could just get really ugly and find each other repulsive.

Phil: (Quietly singing as he walks away) "We're not gonna make it..."


Driving in the car with the three eldest boys...

JP: (seeing a dead skunk in the road) Eeeeeewwwwww, skunk.

Eamon: (thinking JP had smelled the skunk) It's probably just your pits, JP. 


Recalling the time at school when the water got turned off due to a leak:

Xander: And then Mrs. S came to the cafeteria and said the water was back on and the bathrooms were working again, and I said "Woohoo, let's party!" but I should have said "Woohoo, let's POTTY!"


Declan: I Superman!


Monday, September 12, 2016

Life, Lately

Wow, life is big and busy yet small and slow right now.  My day seems slow and dare I say, boring-in-a-good-way, since giving birth.  I'm at home on maternity leave for 6ish weeks and it's just me, Declan, and "Baby Brendan" (always gotta say Baby in the official name according to the resident toddler).  Then everybody else comes home and we're busy til bedtime.

People always want to know how the former baby is dealing with the new baby, and Declan is killing it.  There's absolutely no jealousy, lots of helping hands, and he is relishing his new title of Big Brother.  Big Brother gets to eat lollipops and play outside and wear new sneakers, all the things that little babies can't do.  

Poor little babies ;)

Declan's pooping spot.  But don't ask him if he's pooping, or you will get a very angrily yelled "No I NOT!!!"

The big boys...

...that would be them, have soccer all the time.  Fine, not all the time, but with practices Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs, and games on Sunday, it feels like it!  Maggie and Xander have games on Saturdays (they are in two different leagues) and their practice schedules are to be announced. 

He doesn't hate it as much as last year.  #winning

 Having a newborn at the start of fall soccer season wasn't my best plan.  Oh wait, I didn't plan it :)

School began on the baby's due date (thank God he was a few days early!) and we now have:

An 8th Grader
A 6th Grader
A 4th Grader
A 3rd Grader
And a Kindergartner
I am very thankful that these five are all at the same Catholic school for the last year.  Next year, JP will be at our Catholic high school (where Phil and I work) and Declan will be in preschool with the rest of them.  One out, one in.  Once maternity vacation ends for me, Declan and Brendan will be going to a home daycare of one of my very best friends (hi Michelle!).  We are lucky to have a great place to send them to be faux mothered while I'm at work.  I will miss being with their little faces and bodies all the time though :(

Moving on to way less important things.

In order to feel productive, I have been napping waaaaaaay less than a postpartum mom should, and cleaning out dressers instead.

Baby Brendan was helping me clean and organize.
It just feels so good to get rid of kid's clothes.  The five school age kids all wear uniforms anyway, so how many t-shirts does a uniformed kid need?  The answer is ten.  Two jeans.  Six shorts.  Etc, etc, etc.

They all come home from school and want to hold Baby Brendan.  Of course I make them wash their hands/take a shower/change their clothes first because I'm growing increasingly neurotic about germs the more children I have.  More kids = more puke to clean.

So this is big news...

See that construction and those cute construction workers?  Well, we live in a two family house, and my parents are moving in downstairs!  They sold their house and are remodeling the entire downstairs before they move in for good.  We're all so excited!  My Dad is grateful that his hearing loss will come in handy when they live below our family of nine :)  Trust me, there's plenty of times when I wish I could just lower the volume on my invisible hearing aid too.

Seemingly overnight, the weather went from this: this:

 And just like McDonald's, dadadadada I'm loving it!  The littles are awake, so see ya later!