The Family

Mr. Martin (with me):

The love of my life, seriously I love this man so much!!  He is the best father and husband I know, but he wouldn't agree because he's so humble.  Phil grew up in Maryland and we met at Franciscan University's study abroad program in Austria.  He was a Theology major and he stole my heart with his handsome looks, his friendly banter, and his charming wit.  He's a hard-working theology teacher and department chair at our Catholic high school.  In his free time (ha!) he is working on his second Master's degree in School Administration (his first was in Theology from Providence College).  He loves to eat even more than I do, and I am pushing him to grow in his love for exercise ;)


Our first born, named after Pope John Paul II the Great after I had the chance to see him three times!  This big guy is the best big brother in all the world, hence why we keep having children ;)  He is very smart, very sweet, and very sensitive.  He loves all sports and playing Wii.  He's a great reader, starting at age 4, but has yet to show enthusiasm for a book once he's finished it. He's more of a follower than a leader, forgets a lot of things, but is usually the first to jump up and do anything we ask, and we appreciate it.

Andrew Pauric:

Andrew was named after my paternal grandfather and my uncle who passed away while I was pregnant with him (Pauric).  He is the handsome guy in the family, and all the girls already flock to him.  He's so very good at school, a great reader, and very philosophical.  He's a natural leader without being bossy and always knows the right thing to do.  He is sweet and cuddly, but can get a little crazy at home sometimes.  He's a true boy!

Eamon Philip:
 My meatball.  Eamon was one of my favorite Irish boy names, but I couldn't get Phil to agree to use it until this little guy came along.  And it suits him perfectly.  Eamon was the hardest baby, but has turned into the clown/ham/entertainer of the family.  He loves nothing more than to cuddle and talk your ear off.  He tells us multiple times a day that we are "the best parents ever" and says how much he loves us.  He is a crazy little guy who loves movies, superheroes and Super Mario.  He charms everyone he meets and keeps us all laughing!

Margaret "Maggie" Rosemary:
This little princess was such a welcome addition to our testosterone filled house :)  Maggie is named after my grandmother, my mother, and Margaret is also my middle name.  We were planning on calling her Margaret Rose, but as soon as she was born, I looked at Phil and said "We might never have another girl, and I want to get Mary in her name somehow", hence Rosemary.  She is very girly, caring about her hair, her clothes, her shoes, and her baby dolls.  She is stubborn and has an opinion about everything.  She is extremely verbal and speaks much older than her age.  She is a joy in our lives, we are still amazed every day that we have a little girl!

Alexander "Xander" Blaise

We didn't know what to name this boy until we saw him, and had two names picked out - one for a dark-haired boy and one for a tow head.  I took one look at that dark hair and handsome face and just knew he was an Alexander.  Both Alexander and Blaise were just names we liked and they seemed to flow together beautifully.  Our sweet and happy little baby boy has been an addition to our family that we never knew how much we were missing!  Although many people say they are sorry we didn't get another girl...we seriously couldn't be happier that we have a little boy to complete our family (well, for now, anyways!).  He is a ham who loves to wrestle and play with his siblings.

Mrs. Martin, a.k.a. Me:
 I LOVE to exercise and I love to eat so I try to do both as much as possible.  I went to Franciscan University (the best Catholic college!) and got my degree in Accounting, then stayed to get my MBA with an Accounting concentration.  The plan was to sit for the CPA exam, but marriage and babies started coming, and I have yet to study and take the exam.  Maybe one day??  I work full-time as a Business Manager at our Catholic High School (where Mr. Martin teaches).  Life is an interesting journey, and with God's grace, we are enjoying it thoroughly.



  1. What a beautiful family!! I have four kids (8, 6, and 3 year old twins) We are expecting number 5 in April. Hoping to take a NFP class in the fall. AFter truly embracing the "no birth control" teaching of the church we got pregnant with this one. It is such a blessing to "meet" families with similar love of our church. God Bless.


  2. Colleen you have a beautiful family. I'm enjoying poking around your blog and I'm adding you to my Feedly. It's great to "meet" you!

  3. Just poking around your blog and wanted to say how much I love your kids' names! You've used some names I love and my husband, well, doesn't - Margaret (although we haven't had a girl yet), Eamon, Alexander and Blaise. We're expecting our 3rd boy this July - so it's fun for me to see your family with 3 boys to start the pack :)

  4. Hi, your children are beautiful. Are you imposing your religion on your children?


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