Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Pinning

Last night, my sister, Maura graduated from nursing school and had a pinning ceremony. We are all so proud of her because this was a two-year process, and very difficult, but she stuck it out. I was able to babysit Lilly while she went to class and clinical (with my Mom helping out as well) so we feel like part of the whole process as well! Congratulations, Nurse Maura! Now go study for your Boards :-)

Maura holding the bouquet from Will after receiving her pin.

Maura and Will glad it's all over and they can now focus on their new house, Lilly, and Baby # 2 (in utero!)

Maura with her study-buddy, Molly. They kept each other sane through it all!

Maura and my Mom, who coincidentally both graduated from nursing school at the age of 27!

My brother, Brian "the Doctor" making Maura "the Nurse" bow down before him. After she graduated he told her she was now able to wipe his brow at work!! It's all in good fun, people!

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