Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Fun

John-Paul and Andrew (mostly Andrew) have been complaining that we don't do anything fun. What?!?!? Here's a look at our last week:

Friday - Go to the zoo
Saturday - Go to beach and have friends over
Sunday - Go to Chuckie Cheese (it was a rainy day)
Monday - Go to the zoo and see the Toe Jam Puppet Band (great kid's music!)
Tuesday - Go to Beach
Wednesday - Play at cousins house and then go in sprinkler at home
Thursday - Go to Camp to play with their school friends

Maybe we're doing too many fun things so that we have raised their expectations. Now as soon as they wake up, they want to know what the plan is for the day, what they are going to eat, where we are going to go. It's driving me crazy!! Is this a typical stage that kids go through, or are mine just harder than your average kiddo?

While we're speaking of no fun...our fridge is still not working properly! We are lucky enough to have a freezer that is running at about the same temp as a normal fridge, so we can keep a few items on hand. I know I will never take my fridge for granted again!!

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