Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Eamon!

Eamon turns TWO today!!

It's funny that he seems older and younger than that all at the same time.

Because Maggie arrived so soon after Eamon's first birthday, I have always felt guilty that he missed out on being the baby.

But he seems to enjoy being one of the big boys now, and is a wonderful big brother to Maggie.

He is at an incredibly fun/exciting/sweet stage right now.
(Notice how he stacked his Big Bird chair on top of the other chair, climbed on top, and proudly sat way up high.)

I spend my days kissing him non-stop, which, at the moment he doesn't seem to mind too much. If only it would be that way forever!

Happy Birthday my sweet and funny Eamon Philip, we love you!

P.S. I am not making a birthday cake for Eamon. We have 3 birthdays in this house in the next 2 weeks, so tonight we are making ice cream sundaes instead. I'll put a candle in Eamon's sundae so that I don't feel like a totally horrible mother.
P.P.S. The daily devotional is here.

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