Friday, October 24, 2008

We go through these like crazy

Aaaahhhh, behold the mystical powers of the puffs. In my opinion, these snacks are the absolute best thing that has happened to the baby food industry since I have had kids.

Actually, I don't think they were around 6 years ago when John-Paul was a baby, but Andrew, Eamon, and Maggie have all been able to participate in Puff-liciousness.

These are great especially for moms like me who are overly scared of their baby choking, because they dissolve in the baby's mouth. They are the perfect first finger food; easy to pick up, not messy, and they have vitamins/minerals.

Whenever I need to get something accomplished, like cooking dinner for example, I just stick the baby in the highchair and throw a few puffs on the tray. They keep her busy and happy so that Mommy can get busy and Daddy can be happy when he walks in to a home-cooked meal!

Yesterday in the car, Maggie & Eamon were being whiny, so I handed back the puffs container to Eamon and he would eat some and then give one to Maggie. She would peek around her car seat and smile and giggle at him, then he would giggle back at was beautiful I tell ya.

Yup, these things are so good that they promote if only I could figure out a way to help promote world-peace so easily...

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