Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Projects

After Phil, John-Paul & Andrew made the beautiful jack-o-lanterns, we did two more projects. The first was getting all the pumpkin seeds cleaned off and left out to dry (they will be roasted tonight!)

Then we made these "Silly Sticks" as the boys called them. Just pretzel rods dipped in melted white chocolate (made orange with food coloring) and rolled in mini chocolate easy and soooooo yummy!

And what was Miss Maggie doing while the boys were busy helping/eating in the kitchen? Getting into the pantry, of course!


  1. Maggie and Patrick LOVE the same place in the kitchen. He was in heaven the other day when he spilled the entire contents of a box of cereal all over the floor!

  2. I love autumn "crafts":-) The silly sticks are a great idea and so easy! I'm definitely going to steal that one in the future...

  3. Maggie is too cute here! I have one the same size and she thinks the pantry is heaven.

    I like your new header up there too. It's a nice picture of you all!


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