Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!

Today is my one-year blogging anniversary! Yippee kay-yay :)
To celebrate, here's a picture of me and Eamon dancing (taken by the local paper at a children's event). Who says white people can't dance? We're tearing up the floor, baby!


  1. Hi Colleen...thanks for stopping by. I know...should not admit that I ate the whole bag. Maybe the kids did eat some but still!

    I like your 3 boys and 1 girl! Just like me!

    Looking at your "blogs I read" I visit a lot of those also.

    Congrats on 1yr.

  2. daughters real name is Colette and I have an auntie who is Colleen! Like that name!

  3. Happy Blog-a-versary! :)

  4. When I first read it I panicked and was like "Ack! It's her anniversary and I didn't even get her something or babysit or anything... then the panic quickly subsided and I was reduced to thoughts of how scary it would be if someone took a picture of THIS white girl dancing... yikes. Everyone would be tearing up the floor to run away. You havent' seen it before. Thank the Lord, because MY dancing is a scary thing. Yours just makes for a cute picture.

  5. Ok, it's official... brace yourself for the totally undeserved "You STINK!" Why do you have to be so darn interesting? Why can't I seem to control myself? Why am I ranting you say? Because I JUST read a month and a half's worth of "back blogs" that I hadn't gotten a chance to (sorry, couldn't help myself) and now am going to be exhausted for work tomorrow. Tell Andrew to be nice to me... well you don't have to, he's always wonderful for me. Say... when am I going to get a copy of that snazzy photo of the two of us? I have to say that I feel quite special to have made it onto my favorite blog. Ok, I forgive you.


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