Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm wondering...

...about short-sleeve sweaters. If it's cold out, you wouldn't want to wear short sleeves, and if it's hot out, you wouldn't want to wear a sweater, right?

So when exactly is it appropriate to wear one?


  1. Hahaha... no, I don't know either. ;)

  2. I agree completely!! They seem like one of those random things that everyone has in the back of the closet that never gets worn!

  3. Colleen-will you e-mail me? I have a question about Maggie's schedule-eating/sleeping-I need help!

  4. I've often wondered the same thing!

  5. Well, I like short-sleeved sweaters (as long as they're stylish) because I'm always too hot, even in winter. They are nice for spring too, because they keep your "core" warm, but you can get your arms out in the fresh air. :)

    Of course, at the moment, I don't actually own any short-sleeved sweaters. . . .

    My 2 cents!


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