Sunday, February 1, 2009

I thought they said girls were supposed to be easier.

Before I had Maggie, and I was a mom of three boys, I used to look longingly at the little girls who would quietly play by themselves, have tea parties with imaginary friends, and take care of their baby dolls.
Then I would look back at my crazy, rambunctious, energetic boys and wish one day I would have a good little girl, and easy child, who would be content just sitting on my lap. Huh, apparently God had other plans.

My little 14 month old daughter is CRAZY! Seriously, she gets into everything, all the time, and is much more dangerous. She climbs on whatever she can reach, puts anything she can pick up in her mouth, and has major tantrums when things don't go her way. She has an adorable devilish grin, and laughs when she's being naughty. And you know what? Most of the time she gets away with it because we are all wrapped around her little finger!
Here's Maggie in action:

She went into the toy room and got these Hulk hands on all by herself...they are really heavy!

Here she is after dumping out all the toys, flipping over the container, and then standing on it.


  1. I know that is what I am in can Evy (and Maggie) be anything but crazy girls with 3 older brothers? I guess that means she will fit right in here!

  2. She is so cute...she has that classic old-fashioned little girl look about her. But with a little extra dose of spirit! Those pics are hilarious.

  3. How adorable!!! Little sisters get away with alot! Because they are so darn cute!

    Have a great Sunday!


  4. With five girls and two boys, I feel your pain. My girls have been especially adept at what we like to call the bag-lady rule, which states...any very important item (or items) in your house will be discovered by said girl and placed (along with several other *treasures*) in the largest bag she can drag behind her.

    God Bless!

  5. Here's another thing I'll warn you about...girls are lippier. It starts at about 3. (By lippier, I mean more backtalk.) She may be a stinker, but she is such a CUTE little stinker! Good luck!


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