Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm glad I waited to post this after the kids are in bed, because although I have PLENTY to be thankful for today, at the top of the list is what has been happening at bedtime lately.
After we say prayers and the boys get in their beds (the three boys share a room), Maggie goes around to each one and gives them a goodnight kiss. It is so sweet to watch her get up on her tiptoes to reach their lips, and equally as beautiful to see how they let her do it!
There is such a precious bond between siblings, and for this I am grateful!!


  1. Oh that is nice - usually there is a lot of kiss/hug refusal in our house, mainly involving William - either he won't accept them, or the others don't want his (sigh) it's always something :-)

  2. Great post Colleen. I know how you feel. It makes my heart melt when I see my kids loving each other.

    I love your new header picture. Your kids are getting so big. They are adorable!


  3. This is yet another reason on my very long list of why we will always be open to life. The love between siblings--especially the older one(s) to the youngest one--is beautiful!


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