Monday, May 18, 2009

Painting Update

So we've been busy figuring out what to do about painting our house. Should we paint all the trims and ceiling white? What about all the doors, shelves, fireplace, baseboard heaters, etc? And then all our curtains and light switches are off-white, so we would need to change all of them too. Can we do any of this ourselves? Can we afford to have anybody else come and do it? What colors do we want?

We have figured it all out. ( I think)

We WILL paint all the ceilings, trim, doors, shelves, closets, etc. white, but only on the first floor. Mostly because of finances but also because our second floor is only used as kids' bedrooms. One day we will get to that.

We WILL hire professionals to come in and do the job for us. Thinking about moving all the furniture, covering everything, taping walls and painting is just too much work. I would have to leave with the kids for a long time while Phil could paint in his spare time - it just doesn't make sense for us. It is expensive, but we are considering it an investment in our biggest purchase ever!! Also, they knocked down the price by $1000 if we removed the wallpaper ourselves (it's in the dining room, and there are borders in a few other rooms). So guess what we'll be doing this week?????

We HAVE picked our colors. We decided to only pick three colors, so that each room was not a different color from the last. The colors I am 99% committed to are as follows:

This one is called "Warm Springs" (all paint is from Benjamin Moore). This color would go in our bedroom and bathroom.

This is "Shabby Chic" which would go in our family room, living room, and hallways. Also on our front and back stairwells.

And the third color is "Sea View" for our kitchen and dining room. Unless I decide to keep the kitchen yellow, and just have the dining room blue - hmmmmm.

These colors seem to suit our house and location, given that we live near the beach.

What do you think? Do the colors go well together? Would you change anything?


  1. GREAT choices!! The second one is close to the color we did in our bedroom along with a sage this winter. I was going to suggest it, but never got around to commenting.I think these colors will look wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished product! Wish I lived closer and I could lend a hand. Good luck.

  2. I think A - you are very wise to get professionals to do it. I am doing ONE room - my daughters' room, and it's very time-consuming. My girls keep asking me why I haven't started painting yet - they don't realize how much prep work goes into it!

    Your colors are lovely. I would choose anything over just white in every room. :) But your colors are soft and I think they will bring your house together nicely. Your blue and green shades are nice, but I'm biased because I have similar colors in my house. :)

    Don't forget to take some before and after pictures and post them!

  3. Kelly K.May 18, 2009

    Hey Colleen!
    I think your colors look great and they compliment eachother (and your location) very well:-) After all the painting we have done(and are still doing)in our new home...with empty rooms and NO kiddos...I can understand why you would decide to hire someone. Wow, a lot of work.
    So did you end up buying your house?? I don't remember hearing for sure if it happened or was just being thought about...?
    Can't wait to see you at the end of this week!!

  4. Oh I do think the colours go well together. So smart to hire someone too. Last time I painted a room Hubby had to hire someone to umm fix it. LOL

  5. Hi Colleen,
    I'm not sure you would like the color I chose for the girls' room. It is LOUD! But I hope it will be toned down once we put the furniture back in and have it decorated, etc. I matched the color with some bedding I bought and some accents, so I probably wouldn't have just picked it off the shelf.

    It's Dutch Boy and it's called "Half Moon Bay". I wonder if you could look it up online.

    Otherwise, I WILL be posting before and after pictures - we're hoping to get the whole thing done before Memorial Day weekend is over.

    :) Jen

  6. Ahhh, three boys and lastly a girl --- JUST LIKE ME!!! Yea, it's me ERICA from over at "Five Moms & A Blog". Just wanted to stop by, say "HI!" and thank you for visiting. Stop by my personal blog if you wanna see my foursome!


  7. Great job Colleen!!! I love those colors. They are going to be awesome! It will be worth it. What a difference the paint will make in your home. I am so excited for you!



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