Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ahoy Maties!

We have been having a lot of fun on vacation!! Nana and Gramps (Phil's parents) took John-Paul, Andrew, and Eamon to a Pirate Adventure yesterday. They had a blast!

They learned how to speak "pirate", shot the bad pirate with a water canon, and got their faces painted and tattoos on their arms. They also learned that if you see a mermaid, you have to cover one eye or else you might fall in love and try to jump in the ocean to be with her ;) The Captain of the boat even found a buried treasure chest that they pulled up and distributed amongst the kids on board.

While the boys were being entertained, Phil and I took Maggie on a walk and then my friend Karen came over with her two cutie pies. I met Karen when she lived temporarily in my town a few years ago. She now lives far, far away in PA :( So it was so nice to hang out and catch up.

Enjoy the pictures of the Pirate Adventure!!


  1. I love those pictures. The boys looks so darn cute.
    I had no idea about the mermaid theory. I will remember that one.

  2. Cool! Where was the pirate Adventure at?

  3. We took Peter and Sarah on a Pirate Adventure two summers ago. They loved it until the other pirate tried to come on board and steal all of their booty. They freaked out!

  4. Your life looks like fun, Colleen!


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