Friday, July 3, 2009

Hi Lo: July 3rd


1) It's a holiday weekend!! Yay for cookouts with friends and family, parades, and freedom!

2) Our house feels like new! The paint colors are perfect, and it was well worth the money. It took 8 days to complete the job ~ and that was with 6 men working 12 hours a day!

3) We have been staying with friends and family to get out of the painters way. It was so nice to visit Phil's parents and sisters, then to my brother and sister-in-law's house with their 5 children under the age of 7 (so we had 9 kids under age 7 in the house...chaotic but FUN!), and finally to my parents house for a few days where my mom spoiled me with homemade dinners and folding my laundry :) A girl could get used to that!


1) John-Paul had his first heart break this week. Let me remind you that he is only 6! It all started back in preschool, when he would talk about his little friend K. I thought it was cute when he called her his girlfriend since he was only 4 years old. Well, he has liked her for the past 3 years, and at Camp on Wed, she informed him that they were breaking up. I know this was her decision because J-P doesn't even know what "breaking up" means. He was obviously hurt but putting on a brave face and an I-don't-care attitude. It makes me so sad to think that someone hurt my child's feelings this way. And I know it's only the beginning! :(

2) Phil and I have been staying up way too late at night getting the house clean and organized, and we are cranky to show for it.

3) The rain has been awful here, but it's supposed to clear up for the weekend.

That's it, what are your highs and lows this week?


  1. I love reading your ups and downs. My ups: getting some projects done for my daughters 16th birthday.
    Lows: not enough housework has been done this week!!

  2. So happy that you like your newly painted walls! Perhaps you'd like to give us a little tour! If you visit
    and view the post for July 2nd...there's a link to a Mr. Linky post for sharing photos and decorations of simple things in your home that bring you JOY...hope you'll stop by!

    My HI/LO for this week can be found here:

    Thanks for hosting Colleen, if when you are so busy!

  3. Hello! Is it wrong that I'm kind of glad to hear that there is another couple out there who gets a wee bit cranky when they are working hard together! Guess we are normal!

    On a different note I finally posted the lovely award you gave me. THANKS!

  4. Wish you could send me those painters! Can't wait to see pictures of the house.

    And poor J-P! I think things like that are probably harder on mom in the end, but this is one thing that makes me nervous about the kids getting older. But we've all been through it and we're all fine, right?! :)

  5. Wow - your house must SHINE after all that painting! I have visions of me painting for months on end once the little ones are all in school. I hope J.P.'s heart feels better soon :( that really stinks. Aside from that, hope you had a great 4th!

  6. I can't wait to see pics of your new paint!! :)

  7. That is a lot of painting. Our house is almost finshed being painted too. I can't wait to move into it.

    That's so cute and sad about your son's heart break. I can only imagine it'll be worse when our kids suffer actual heartbreaks


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