Friday, September 4, 2009

Hi Lo: September 4th


1) John-Paul started first grade on Monday. He says it's even "better than Kindergarten". His teacher is AWESOME! Very strict but nice and they are going to learn a lot. He also has his cousin, Bridget, in the class and some great friends from Preschool and K - I think this will be a great year for him.

2) My bestie Laura had her birthday on Tuesday! She is soooo young, only 26! We went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants with her sister-in-law Rose (visiting from South Africa) and had a great time. Good food, good company, good watermelon sangria - what more could a girl want??

3) Eamon had his P-3 (Preschool for 3 year olds) orientation on Wed. He did wonderfully! Just went in and played with the other kids, didn't miss me at all (sniff, sniff, sigh!). He has 2 cousins in his class, Tommy and Ryan and his teacher is our friend, so he'll be in great hands!

4) Andrew had his P-4 orientation on Thurs. And contrary to what I thought, he was actually shy and nervous. He has been with the same teacher in the same class for 2 years, so this is a bit new for him. I know he'll be okay when school starts because he is a model student. He has his cousin, Katie in his class, as well as his girlfriend Abigail and all his "buddies".

5) Since moving back my CPA exam a month, I have not been studying. I will start after Labor Day, but this freedom feels delightful!

6) Our ice maker in our fridge broke, and when I called to make an appointment for a repair, I found out that we were still covered under the one year warranty!!! Phew, what a money saver! We got a new ice maker for free :)

7) We got our free dinner from Schwann's delivered. We chose the Fiesta Lime Chicken something or other :) Here's the coupon for yours!


1) My Mom has pneumonia. She's been really sick for over a week: feverish, weak, exhausted, lost her voice, coughing, not eating, you name it! My Dad says she is starting to sleep better and eat a little now, so hopefully she is on the mend. I can't even visit her because she doesn't want me to get it :(

Feel better, Mom, we love you!!!

2) One of the morning DJ's at our local radio station just passed away this week. She had a heart attack a few weeks ago and died from complications. She was only in her late 30's or early 40's. This touched me so much because I used to listen to her on my drive to work. She was funny and sarcastic and nice. God bless her soul and her family.

What were your highs and lows this week?



    Watermelon Sangria! YUM
    Thanks for the coupon!!!
    And I'm SO SORRY about your Mom not being in good health...she will be in my prayers.
    May the young woman from the radio show REST IN PEACE.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog Colleen!

  2. love your new layout... have a good labor day.

  3. Hope your Mom feels better soon.
    Hi:s G'ma is better. and a 3 day weekend.
    Lo's G'ma is still in the hospital.
    and now I want watermelon sangria.

  4. Oh my. So sorry. :( And I will pray for your mom's recovery.

    My hi's and Lows? Hmm, this week my highs were good. Got plenty of rest and got to writing again.

    Lows: Has a moment of depression (tiny bit) but that's nothing new.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. God bless.

  5. Wow! What a week it's been. It sounds like your boys are surronded by lots of friends and family at preschool! How fun! Hope everything keeps going well for the boys as they transition.
    Hooray for freedom from studying..good luck next week as you get back into it!
    Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she gets better soon.

  6. ps...well, aren't you just on the ball!!?? I see you've already got your autumn background on your blog!! Like it! I'll get to mine..when I'm ready to acknowledge that summer is indeed over (maybe in December some time..LOL!!)

  7. praying for your mom!!! Love all your pics and stories.


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