Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Say What?!?! Wednesday

This morning, as I was ironing my shirt, Andrew came up to me and asked why Daddy and I were "arguing" so much yesterday.
I was completely caught off guard and tried to recall what he was talking about. Maybe we argued about something, but I couldn't recall any significant discussion.
So I started to explain to Andrew, that sometimes Moms and Dads disagree about things and they need to talk to each other. And it may sound like an argument, but it's just talking. I was feeling flustered and nervous as I stumbled through my little speech.
And then he asked, but why were you arguing the clothes yesterday?
Huh? Arguing the clothes?
Yeah, you know, before we took the family pictures, you and Daddy were arguing the clothes.
OHHHH!! (Light dawning)...Ironing, not Arguing!
Yeah, ironing, that's what I said.
Phew! Glad we got that straightened out :)


  1. hehe! that is so hilarious!! kids are so sweet and so funny!

  2. Funny. I love to argue with my iron!

  3. LOL got to love kids. Too cute ;)

  4. Ha! I love it!

    I keep forgetting to say how much I like your new header! :)

  5. Hee Hee! Too cute! I love being caught off guard!
    Thank you for playing along! I argued with clothes today!

  6. That's so cute! Such a difference in two little words...poor tyke was probably so confused lol!

  7. I have some arguing you could take care of for me :)


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