Friday, November 20, 2009

Hi Lo: November 20th

1) Using a coupon code I got from Together We Save, I ordered this dress from Chadwick's in black. Isn't it cute?? It was originally $59.99, on clearance for $18.99. Then I had a $15 off coupon code (CH15OFF) which brought it down to $3.99. Shipping was $6.99, so the total was only $10.98! Hurray for deals!

2) Eamon went to the dentist for the first time on Wednesday morning. I start all the kids once they turn 3 since we are lucky to have dental insurance, and my teeth are so bad, I want them to get good care early on.

He was SOOOOOO awesome, just sat in the "moving chair" and did whatever the dentist asked of him. At the end he got an electronic firetruck toothbrush, and now we can't get him to stop brushing his teeth ;)

3) The boys got to go Christmas shopping at school and I sent them in with a few dollars to pick out presents for our family. It's always lovely to see what they think we will like...for example these lady-of-the-night earrings John-Paul picked out for me 2 years ago!!


1) Phil has been having so many meetings/commitments lately, and we are missing his presence around the house. On Sunday morning he had CCD and a meeting, on Monday night he had a Parish Council meeting, on Wednesday night he had a Family Catechesis planning meeting, and on Saturday he has to proctor SAT exams for 5 hours. All this on top of teaching for 40 hours a week, monitoring the parking lot for 2.5 hours each week, and working his extra security job at the school for 13.5 hours every week. What a poor guy!

2) Eamon had conjunctivitis this week - no biggie, just annoying for him.

What were your ups and downs this week?


  1. Love the dress...the price is even better! It's ironic how the men are out of the house so much doing "family oriented things" isn't it?

    Hi: parent-teacher conferences went excellent. got to see things that my first grader does that I didn't know she could do.

    Low: said first grader is really missing her daddy lately.

  2. Great deal on the dress! Love it. :)

    Awww, I feel so bad for Phil. Hopefully he gets to catch a break soon.

  3. lol love the earrings... we have our christmas/kids/thingy at school next week. I wonder what mine will come home with.

  4. awesome dress.. and sweet deal too!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!

  5. What a steal.. cute dress...we're gonna have to see a photo when you wear it. Bet you'll be stunning in it!

    Eagerly awaiting to see what treasures your kids get everyone. The earrings are TO DIE FOR!! LOL.

    Sounds like Phil has his plate more than full. Hope things settle down for him and your household soon.

    Happy Weekend! We're off to do errands and the park this afternoon.

  6. So funny. I have those same earrings. NOT. :)
    Have a great weekend!


    That cute dress is a HUGE "HI"...good for you...I'll bet that you will look SO LOVELY wearing it Colleen!
    LOL...I have a few sets of similar style earrings...aren't they just the BEST?

  8. Those earrings are great! Something Makenna would've picked out for me, I'm sure! :)

    Love the dress, and hope Phil gets a break soon! :)


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