Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WWW: Week 5

The Good:
Sunday - walked 7 miles.
Monday - Ran 2 miles and took 1 hour kickboxing class.
Tuesday - Ran 2.3 miles and took 1 hour kickboxing class.
The Bad:
Got sick.
Didn't exercise for the rest of the week.
Ate whatever I wanted, during the times I actually had an appetite.
The Results:
I didn't weigh in this weekend because I was still sick.
My scale at home seemed like I stayed the same, but official weigh-in will wait until next week.
Some of you have asked about how I find time to exercise, so here's my typical weekly schedule:
Sunday: Kickboxing Class (after morning Mass)
Monday: Kickboxing Class (at night, when kids are in bed)
Tuesday: Kickboxing Class (at night, when kids are in bed)
Wednesday: Run (either outside when Phil gets home from work, or at the gym when kids are in bed)
Thursday: Day off (or I'll do some light weights/abs at home at night)
Friday: Run (either outside when Phil gets home from work, or at the gym when kids are in bed)
Saturday: Kickboxing Class (in morning)
Sometimes I get to the gym a little before class starts, so I'll run a mile or two as a warm-up. During my kickboxing classes, I hold 2 pound weights in each hand to increase the calorie burn and tone my arms.
I have to exercise a lot at night because Phil leaves for work at 5:45 am, and there's no way I'm gonna wake up earlier to exercise!!! But if your spouse doesn't leave until later, you can squeeze in some exercise in the morning, or do a DVD workout at nap time, or once the kids are in bed. I really believe everyone has the time to exercise, you just have to make it a priority!!
OK, that's my two cents. Hope you're all doing well :)


  1. That takes motivation, girl! I do not seem to have much for exercise these days :( Keep up the great work! {And no, you may not have Kam. I think I'll keep her} ;)

  2. You go girl! With all that kickboxing, I definitely want you on my side in a fight! :)

    And yes, you have to make working out a priority. I am trying to stay motivated to exercise so that I don't pack on lots of holiday pounds because I know I will be eating extra goodies!

  3. i totally look up to you and your schedule.. i am so lazy.. i try, i really do!!!!

  4. Good for you Colleen. Yes, it can be done...we we just do it. I took ONE kickboxing class years ago...lets just say, i am the one who had her A@@ kicked. :) NOT fun..but kudos to you!

  5. our love on the runNovember 11, 2009

    You are so right! Its all about prioritizing and clearly its a priority for you!! I'm so happy bc usually when I read ur blog I have to scroll down for at least a minute to see the new post (on my blackberry) but today I didn't have to do that!! Yay!!

  6. Good job Colleen! I hope you are feeling better!


  7. Way to go!

    My kids always thought it was funny to do Tae Bo (sp?) with me waaay back when I did that after Isaiah was born. Now I can put them all on their bikes and follow them pushing the stroller and it makes me breathe hard and sweat. That means exercise, right?



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