Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Maggie is TWO!

Two years ago today, Maggie Rose entered this world with a splash, literally!

I can't believe she is really two years old, she's definitely not a baby anymore. She's a toddler going on a teenager ;)

Maggie is a very independent, spunky little girl. She loves babies (real and dolls), puppies, her brothers and going out anywhere. Unlike the boys, she is not a huge fan of TV (unless it's Elmo or the Wiggles) and loves to be wherever Mom or Dad are. She has fine, wispy blond hair that curls at the end, and sometimes keeps in her "pretty hair" (ponytail) for longer than an hour now!

When I get her dressed, she actually has an opinion on what she wants to wear ("That dress is cute") which throws me for a loop because the boys still don't care what they wear!! She LOVES when I put lip gloss on her and tries to put on my other makeup when she gets a chance. (Her first dress)

Every time we pass a McDonald's, she yells out "Chicken Nuggets" and every time we pass a Dunkin Donuts she says "Coffee and doughnuts"! When we drive by a playground she asks to go down the slide, and she constantly tells me what music she wants to hear in the car....spoiled brat ;)

But she is also really sweet and gives hugs and kisses, needs kisses every time she gets a boo-boo, loves to play with cousins and friends, says "I love you" all the time, and is learning her manners "Yes, pweese...No, gank you".

Maggie Moo....we love you and couldn't imagine our life without you in it!

(Some pictures from the last year)

(The next pictures are from the birthday party she shared with her cousin Abby last weekend)

Happy 2nd Birthday Maggie-licious!


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Maggie! You are a darling little two year old!

  2. I love those pics...oh my, little girls! Are those hulk arms? I think that's my favorite! :-) Have a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday to Maggie!

    I love looking at your pictures, Colleen. As I also have 3 boys and then a girl, it is like a glimpse in the future!

  4. Happy Birthday Maggie!

    I love the pigtails! She's so cute!

  5. Heres to YOU Maggie Moo!!!! Happy birthday, you could not have been born into a better family.

    ps. I hope she grows into those big green arms this year. :0

  6. Ohhh she is just too adorable!!! And look at you, hot mama! :) Happy Birthday to an adorable little Maggie.

  7. wow! those are all adorable pictures. I am jealous of the fact that she wears bows though...uggghhh! I so wish my dd would keep ANY bow/tie anything in her hair for more than 0.2 seconds without a fit.

    happy birthday

  8. Happy Birthday, Maggie!! We have the same middle name! I didn't know that!

  9. Happy Birthday to the big girl! I love the picture of her in the swing with her belly button showing. So cute!

  10. Hey Colleen,

    Puppy Chow is also know as Muddy Buddies. It has chocolate, rice chex, peanut butter, and powdered sugar (for coating). It would be a fun thing for the kids to make. You can find the recipe on the back of the Chex mix cereals. =)

  11. Aww, what a beauty - and you too Mommy! I love her with the hulk hands on! And the crown, and by the ocean, and (well you get the idea). Happy Birthday to Maggie! We'll have to get her and Jason together when they're older ;)

  12. Cute, cute, cute!!! Happy Birthday to Maggie - and prayers for many more happy, healthy years :)

  13. happy birthday maggie!!!!

    and what a sweet sweet post!!!

  14. She's beautiful! You are so blessed Colleen! Happy birthday little Maggie!

  15. Oh my gosh.. I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!
    She is so precious. Happy Belated!


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