Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Going to be Tough

Today is Ash Wednesday, and the First Day of Lent 2010. I will be trying to improve my relationship with God and others this Lent by committing random acts of service, and giving of my time, money, and talents whenever I can.

While I have talked about the unimportance of giving something up solely for the purpose of giving something up, there is a lot to be said for giving something up in order to do something else in it's place. And for me this Lent, that means I will be giving up COMMENTS.

(I will be putting this button on my sidebar, feel free to copy and use if you want!)

As sad as I will be not to be able to read your lovely comments, I think I need to do this for 40 days. Seeing how many people read my blog, and what they have to think really makes up too much of my self-worth. It also takes me a lot of time to read and leave comments on other's blogs.

I should leave comment's on someone's blog simply because I want to cheer them on, agree or disagree, or thank them for sharing some advice. I do use comments this way, but there are many times where, even though I LOVED reading a post, I sometimes leave a comment just to make sure they will come comment on mine. How selfish and immature is that? Which is exactly why I need to give it up in order to work on bringing myself closer to Christ.

I have long been a fan of certain blogs that do not allow comments, and even though sometimes I wish I could leave a note for the author, I really find reading the post and then closing the blog quite liberating. They don't care (in a good way) who reads it, what their readers have to say, or how they are perceived. And I don't feel any pressure to let them know that I have been reading and enjoying, their thoughts on life. Besides if I really feel like I need to get in touch with them, I can always send an email.

So, as of today, my comments will be closed, merely for my own personal growth. Of course, I will continue reading your blogs, but will also be limiting my comments there, in order to free up some time for increasing my prayer life.

I love you all, and know you'll understand my decision. It's going to be tough for me, but not nearly as painful as what Christ went through for all of us.