Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On My Mind Today

My little sister, Maura, turns 29 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Moe :)
I think 29 was the best year of my life thus far. And since I still can't happily admit that I'm 30, I will pretend I'm 29 for the rest of my life. Okay? Here we are at 5 and 3 years old:


Maura's daughter, Abby, (and my Goddaughter) has been really sick lately. She's only 14 months old, and she's currently in the hospital for dehydration. She has lost a lot of weight and looks so sickly :( Please pray for her! Here's Maggie with Abby about 8 months ago:

I still can't believe that we celebrate Groundhog's Day. It could be the stupidest holiday ever. Am I right, people?


Tonight's the night Phil and I have been counting down to because LOST starts it's final season. We love this show, and hope that all of the questions we have do get answered before the finale. It's such an interesting and exciting series. And I have a little girl-crush on Evangeline Lilly:

C'mon, who doesn't?


  1. Yep...I'm with you. Can't wait for LOST!~ And who couldn't think Evangeline Lilly is kinda awesome. I wish I could get away with no makeup! lol

  2. awww poor Abby. keep us posted. That would be so wonderful if you were able to adopt a Haitian baby!! are you seriously considering it? That's awesome! So many great kids need good homes and loving families!!

  3. So nice to meet you too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to dig around on here!!!


  4. I'll be praying for Abby. It's so sad {and a little frightening} when little ones get sick. Happy Birthday to your sis! I think I'll stay 29 forever too. That sounds good. I'd try for 25, but that's a stretch.

  5. oh Abby will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers.. hope she gets to feeling better soon..

    totally with you on that whole Ground Hog thing... it. just. stupid!

  6. I will pray for little Abby!

    And, Colleen, wait till you get to your mid-30's . . . it doesn't seem so bad anymore!

    Oh, and when will you have #5??? You know you can run that half marathon of yours while pregnant!!

  7. You are so funny.
    Happy birthday to Mo...I hope she and the baby are well soon. I love that picture of Maggie with her...so sweet.
    take care, Suz


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