Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear God,

It's me, Colleen.

You know that stomach bug that Maggie has? The one where she's vomited in her bed three times? Can you PLEASE hold off on passing it around to everyone else in the house, especially Phil and I, until after the half-marathon this Sunday?

I made sure to wash all her soiled sheets right away, I have kept the house clean and washed hands like crazy. Maggie has gotten a ton of baths, and fresh clean clothes and diapers round the clock. So I really am trying my best. But, alas, I am her mommy, and I have given her LOTS of hugs, kisses, back rubs and cuddles to help her feel better.

Can't this mom have a "Get Through it Unscathed" pass? Just this once, please??

I know you have much more pressing prayers you are hearing right now, but thank you for listening and Amen :)