Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Easter Bunny Came Early...

...for Maggie, anyway.
And this Easter Bunny also goes by the name of Annie Murray, my old college roomie :)
We got a box in the mail yesterday by complete surprise and I was SO EXCITED when I saw what was inside. Take a looksie!!

Phil opens the box with care

Annie's nice note - doesn't she have great handwriting?

Annie and I were roommates in Austria, where Phil and I met, so she was around to see the love blossom!!

OK, these dolls are so AWESOME! I saw Darby (Annie's daughter) playing with them on her blog, and asked where they were from. She said you can buy them at Disneyland. Then she asked if Maggie would like some, since they live in CA. How super!!!

It is so hard to find Princess dolls that aren't shaped like Barbies and are tough enough for toddlers play.

Cinderella didn't make the pictures - poor Cinderelly.

And is this not the MOST ADORABLE tutu you've ever seen??? Annie makes them! Visit her blog to find out how to order them.
I will definitely take some pictures once Maggie is wearing this. We are saving all these goodies for her Easter basket :)
Thanks again, Annie, that was so sweet and unexpected!!!!