Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Savvy Shopper

This weekend, while Andrew, Eamon & Maggie were napping after lunch, I took John-Paul (who hasn't napped since he was 2.5) with me to Target. He willingly pushed the cart for me as I browsed through the ladies clothes. I was so happy to have him with me, as he was extremely helpful and wise beyond his years. See what I mean:

Me: Ooooh, this shirt is cute!

Him: It is cute!

Me: I need to look at the jeans, let's go find them.

Him: They are right here!

Me: (After ten minutes) OK, I need to stop looking at all these new clothes, and buy what's on the list.

Him: OK, good idea.

Me: (As we start walking past the shoe section) Ooooh, those sandals are so nice!

Him: Mom, you need to only look at the men's shoes and the kid's shoes so you won't want to buy any for yourself. And you can look at the clothes that aren't so 'cute'....cuz you won't want those either.

I'm thinking, for financial reasons, I should bring him shopping with me all the time ;)

He did allow me to buy these for the kids this summer:

Bring on the beach weather!!