Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good thing she's cute

I walked into the family room the other day to check on Maggie because she was being awfully quiet ~ which usually means she's up to no good. She was very nicely sitting on the couch looking at her Curious George book.

Me: Maggie, What are you doing?

Maggie: I reading.

Me: Where are your pants?

Maggie: I took them off.

Me: Why did you take your pants off?

Maggie: Because I was shaking my butt!


P.S. We are not allowed to say "butt" in the Martin house, so I corrected her through my giggles, which was very impactful, I'm sure ;)


  1. I would've laughed too!!

    And yes, she is very.darn.cute. Every time I see her photo I just wanna hug her! Give her a big one from me today.

  2. I think I'm glad you didn't ask 'And why were you shaking your ...' Chuckles!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is so cute! Love it. Little girls do the funniest things. :)

  4. How cute! I don't know how you could keep a straight face with that one. =)

  5. Pants off dance off! :)

  6. Oh yes, sounds like my daughter. LOL


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