Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi Lo: May 28th

1) My Uncle Tom & Aunt Peggy came to visit my parents this week, and stopped by to see the kids. They are two of my favorite aunts and uncles (I have around 20?? and haven't met a lot of them, since my Dad came from Ireland).Uncle Tom with John-Paul

Don't ya just love when half the people in the picture close their eyes?

Brothers: My Dad and Uncle Tom


2) J-P & Andrew had their first t-ball game of the season. They both did very well - Andrew needs a little more power behind his swing and J-P needs to learn how to not throw his bat after he swings. They're so cute!

3) This morning, we will be going to a Walk-a-Thon to support the boys' school. We walk around a local park and then they have all sorts of games and relay races, followed by a pizza party. It's a great time.


4) Daris got voted into the Top 3 on the Biggest Loser. Yay! And he has a girlfriend for the fist time...double yay!


1) Mike won The Biggest Loser. I mean, duh, he was 526 pounds and had the most weight to lose ever. Why the other contestants didn't vote off the biggest threat is beyond me.
He does look awesome, though!


2) I've really been thinking about running the marathon in October, and we might just run the half-marathon instead. I want to run the whole thing, but every time I run my normal 5 miles, I get so discouraged about adding 21 more miles. How do people commit to running a marathon? And how do you train through the summer?


3) Found out some sad news regarding the priestly assignments in my Diocese. I can't say what I know, but sometimes I wonder where the Bishop gets his inspiration from.


What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. you can totally run the marathon if you want to but why not run a few more half marathons first? once you run 4 or 5 halves the marathon seems more and more feasible and less of a reach. you can do it!

  2. I was really hoping for a major win for Daris or Ashley, but ultimately didn't matter. I think this season was the first one where I liked pretty much all of the contestants the whole season (except for Melissa and Lance). Didn't they all look awesome? Daris was so darn cute though! And how about his girlfriend? She was too! Sweet couple.

    I had to chuckle at your #3 Lo. I often wonder why our Bishop doesn't have me as a consultant? I could tell him things like crazy! ha.

    Enjoy the Walk-a-thon today! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I was happy for Daris as well.
    My Hi: My girls are both doing great in school. And it is almost over!
    My Lo: I lost my mind one night this week and went on a mini rampage about no one helping me at home. Dang PMS. :0

  4. wow.. mike DOES look awesome!

    hope you have a lovely wkend...

  5. I can so relate to your Lo's!! Due to an injury, I am praying about forgetting the marathon in Oct and running a 1/2 earlier in the month.

    And, with my hubby working for the archidocese, sometimes I her too much of what goes on and I wonder where the inspiration comes from too!


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