Thursday, June 3, 2010

In a Funk


*It's a gloomy, gray, foggy day.

*John-Paul threw up last night, and I have a very hard time sleeping while worrying how my babies feel. (He slept the rest of the night, of course!)

*Phil called in sick to work so that he could stay home with John-Paul, and that always makes me feel so guilty because I think it should be my job to stay home with sick kids. But I have 2 jobs to go to today (7:30-2:30 and 2:30-5:30) and he is officially done teaching his seniors so it made more sense that he stayed home.

*Feeling fat from eating too much crap while we had family/friends visiting. I need a good long run.

*Worried about who is going to move into the downstairs condo in July. My brother owns it and rents it out, and I hate having to think about who might move in and not have good intentions with my four kids - scary!

*Maggie just cries and cries when we make her sit on the potty. I know I shouldn't fight her on it, but she needs to be trained before school next year and she's 2.5 and so totally physically/verbally ready - just being stubborn.

*Andrew and Eamon are done with pre-school on in a couple days. I love their school and having a routine.

Excuse me while I go kick myself in the bum for being such a downer when I know I should be so thankful about all the blessings I have received. Sigh.


  1. It's so easy to get into a funk as a mom, isn't it? I find that I can slide into those when I'm feeling so darn stressed and anxious about numerous things in life. yuck.

    I hope your week gets better and your funk slides off. Good luck!

  2. oh.. we are all allowed sometimes...

    s' kay... hope you start to feeling better soon..

  3. Those downer days do happen.
    Don't fret it.
    A warning oldest was trained at 2 and my youngest...she was FOUR. She was and is a lazy little girl. Perhaps Maggie is just being stubborn this week.
    Good luck!

  4. It is Funky Town here too, many days!!

    Thank you so much for visiting all three blogs. Makes me feel like you care! <3

    Hang in there, girl!!

  5. When potty-training Diana an M & M was a great bribe to sit. Once that was no longer a battle the bribe extended to excretion of things while sitting there. It was very effective and took the stress out of the situation.

  6. Ugh - the potty. I've given up on Sarah for the moment and am focusing on Jason. Sarah is 3.5 and just so completely resistant. She knows what to do & that we want her to do it. Just today, I swore I wasn't going to talk about it AT ALL with her for 2 weeks - then at dinner she got down from the table and went, all by herself. Of course, then she tinkled in her pull-up later. I could go on and on. Good luck with M :)

    And you're allowed to have a funk - I'm right there with you!

  7. No kicking. Just because you're blessed doesn't make your job easy!

    Did you know that there's a little tiny town in Nebraska called Funk? Seriously. My cousins grew up there.


  8. Aww...chin up Colleen:)
    You could eat all the crap you want and you'd still be BEAUTIFUL!


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