Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Making Dreams Come True

My dream vacation and #1 item on my bucket list is to go to HAWAII.

My husband, Phil has known this about me forever.

Most people watched LOST for the plot, but I also watched for the Hawaiian scenery. So beautiful! I enter any and all contests I can find about going to Hawaii, and anytime I see or hear anything about Hawaii, I get all excited. Just this weekend, I saw an ad for a trip to Hawaii, and a license plate on a car from Hawaii (how rare is that!).

I want to go to Hawaii for our 10 year wedding anniversary, which is in 2 years. But every time I talk about how much I want to go, or start figuring out a way to go cheaply, Phil gets very realistic and basically tells me that we should wait until our 25th wedding anniversary.

Wait until our 25th? I don't think so....we might not ever see 25 (God forbid!), we'll be old and wrinkly and fat by then, and we'll be paying for our kid's college tuition.

If we wait for a perfect time to go, we'll never go. I strongly believe that we should enjoy life and not just suffer through it. If we work hard, pray hard, do good deeds, raise children in the faith, then we should get to PLAY hard!

So I was super surprised to get this email from Phil today:

I was checking out prices for flights to Hawaii and it is less expensive than I thought. They are just under $1000 per person (round trip)!! Maybe we can set it up so that every time one of us gets a paycheck $15 dollars is automatically deposited into a Hawaii savings account. We each have 26 pay periods so we both would have deposited $780 after 2 years. We could also take a few hundred from our next two tax returns.

Love you, Phil

I immediately set up a savings account called "Hawaii Fund" and it will automatically take $20 from each of our paychecks every other week. My sister has a timeshare condo in Hawaii, so I'm gonna be extra nice to her for the next two years too :)

I'm so excited Phil is finally on board because otherwise I would have had to take my boyfriend ;)



    go you.. those ole hubbys sure are sweet sometimes aren't they?

    i'm excited for ya.. i have a friend that lives over in Hawaii... she tells me quite often if i can get the tickets i have free room and board... i think i need to take a cue from you.. stop worrying about all the "other stuff" and enjoy what i can!

  2. Just happen to come across your blog today... so glad I did! Love your blog title! :) What a sweet hubby you have. And let me tell you, you are going to fall in love with Hawaii. We were blessed to have lived there a few years and I have wanted to go back ever since. That is SO cool your sister has a time share... I want one of those! ;)

  3. DO IT!!!! I read this post to Paul and we both agree that it is a great plan! We have gone to the Bahamas each year since we got married and are all set to go again next year. Its totally worth setting aside the the money and it really is important to take advantage of youth while we still have it! ;D

  4. OMGosh that is so cool. What a sweet hubs. See...he came around. How exciting. YOu will love it there. The sky is amazing and the water so beautiful. Like nothing I have ever seen before. Everything is post card perfect.

  5. How fun!

    Keep checking on the flights until then. My sister lived in Hawaii for 4 years so we've been there many times.

    One year I got Steve and I tickets for just under $500 a piece. The most our family ever paid per ticket is $700. So I would keep checking, that price seems high to me.

    The key is searching through things like cheap tickets etc. and looking at odd times of the day and middle of the week. I found Steve and I's cheap tickets one morning before class at probably about 8 am during the middle of the week.

  6. So cute! That sounds like something great to look forward to! :)

  7. That is so cute!! We went to Maui for our honeymoon and it was by far the best vacation EVER!! We booked through AAA and they had some great deals! Good luck saving and making your dream come true! You can do it!!!!

  8. I just realized I didn't comment on this post.

    *SWEET* That would be an awesome trip for you and Phil to take for your anniversary!
    I keep trying to come up with some great idea for a trip for our 10th next Sept. but it would be really tough to come up with those available funds on our one income. Not to mention, Reed is NOT a go-away-out-of-state kind of guy. We'll figure something out.

    Enjoy saving up for this fun trip!!


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