Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Movie Review, sort of

Phil and I went to see Inception last weekend. We LOVED The Dark Knight (Batman) and this was the same director, so we were excited to see it.
Phil absolutely loved it. He doesn't want to stop talking about it.
As for me, well I have never been so cold or confused as I was when watching this movie. The theater must have been about 60 degrees, and I was so uncomfortably cold (because I stupidly wore shorts) that I couldn't concentrate on the movie. And this is one of those movies you need to concentrate on. I was pretty much so thoroughly lost by the middle of the movie that I fell asleep, and then woke up just in time for the ending.
The ending, by the way, was superb.
As for the rest of the movie, well we will have to rent it and watch it in the comfort of our own home.
And then perhaps I'll try to review it again :)


  1. We saw it this weekend too! Our experiences were similar! It was late (we went AFTER our friends wedding on Saturday night, at 10:15!), cold and prego me was just too tired to make it through the whole movie! I fell asleep for a chunk of the middle, just enough to confuse me! I deffinitely need to see it again, what I was was fantastic. Eric, like Phil, can NOT stop talking about it either. I agree, the ending was awesome, so atleast we woke up for that! Nice that you got a date too!

  2. My daughter saw it and loved it...but said you have to pay close attention as well.
    I loathe being cold!

  3. That's so funny that you fell asleep! I too am always cold at the movies...you have dress for winter!

    I'll remember this if we have a date night anytime in the near future.

  4. Hmmm... I wasn't too interested in seeing this one as it looked a little too sci-fi for my taste. But now I'm intrigued enough by the ending to warrant being confused through the middle and who couldn't use a little Leo DiCaprio anyway? ;)

  5. That is too funny that you fell asleep!! Oh, well, hopefully you had fun on teh rest of your date!

  6. it IS an awesome movie.. one of the best i've seen in ages!!

  7. Looks like my kind of movie! I'll wait for the video, though. I can't stand frigid a/c either. :)

  8. My husband has been dying to see this movie but we just haven't had the time. Hopefully soon! I hate how movie theaters are too cold.... why do they do that?!

  9. We saw it Friday night, I LOVED IT! Of course, the 100 degree heat we were having helped a great deal with the temp in the theater - first movie in YEARS I've been to where I haven't shivered my way through it - I can't wait to watch it again, as you said, in the comfort of my home!

  10. Uh oh.
    That sounds like that could happen to me.
    I'll wear pajamas.

  11. Oh wow, that's FREEZING for a theater!My grandma brings a blanket. LOL.

    I haven't seen it yet-- my friends saw it and really enjoyed it, but said they want to see it again to understand it more. I think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD and then watch it twice, haha.


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