Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Schedule

This is a boring post for all of you, I'm sure, but I wanted to write our weekly schedule down in order to look back on later. If you didn't already know, Phil is a teacher and that is why he isn't at work everyday in the summer.

Monday ~ I work from 8-6. Phil does grad school work in the morning. All kids go to Bible Camp at their school, Phil picks up Maggie before lunch and nap. Boys have track from 6-8.

Tuesday ~ I work from 7:30 to 3:30. Phil is at home with kids. Phil tutors ecclesiology from 4-7.

Wednesday ~ Phil tutors from 9-2. Boys go to Bible Camp because it's field trip day. I stay home with Maggie. Boys have track from 6-8.

Thursday ~ I work from 8-6. Phil has kids at home. John-Paul and Andrew have Tee Ball practice from 5-6.

Friday ~ Phil does grad work in morning and works his small summer job at the high school (getting lockers ready for the fall). I stay home with kids. We try and go to the beach in the afternoons.

Saturday ~ Tee Ball Game in the morning and we usually go to Mass on Saturday night.

Sunday ~ Family Day!! Beach/Playgrounds/Parties/Hanging out with friends.

Phil and I also both workout 6 days a week, either in the early morning or evening hours mostly. Sometimes we bring all the kids to the child care area to play and workout together on the weekends.

As busy as we are now, I know that the older our kids get, the more involved in sports they will be, and our lives will be even crazier. For the moment, this is about all we can handle!


  1. I think it's fun to see other people's schedules. I wrote one out for myself...now I just need to stick to it! :) Looks like you have some busy days and some nice summer days ahead of you!

  2. yikes!!!!
    and now i understand why you felt the need to write it down.. i am such a worry wart if it were me i would make like a dozen copies and stick em' in various places in my house... lol.. and yea! i'm kinda serious!!!!!

  3. Busy Busy Busy...just remember to breathe too. :)


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