Monday, August 2, 2010

There IS a God!

I'm not sure if it was the trip to the store to get Dora Pull-Ups, or the chart I made with numbers 1-10
(she gets to cross off a number each time she goes potty, and then she gets a Princess Doll),
but something is finally sinking in, and Maggie is frequently peeing on the potty!!
Yesterday she went 5 times, and kept her pull-up dry all day
(except for #2 - we'll struggle with that one later!)
Go Maggie!

And thanks be to God for answering my silly prayers!!


  1. Yay Maggie! I'm sure you're thrilled!

    I did laugh at the pictures though, look how happy she is. Funny how when we're little we don't care that someone is taking our picture on the toilet! Can you imagine an adult doing that? haha!

  2. YAY!! Congrats Maggie!

  3. YAAAAY, go MAggie, go Maggie!!! :)

    Sorry for not visiting in such a long time. :(

  4. whoo-hoooo!
    congrats to maggie.. AND YOU!!!

  5. adorable. Sofia is in underwear but she begs for those dora pullups still. she loves the design on them. she would be happy to get a picture with her hugging pullups too.

    yeah maggie

  6. Yay Yay Yay!!!
    I would do anything for a princess doll as well. :)

  7. Yeah Maggie!! She is so adorable! :)


  8. Yeah Maggie!

    Is so nice isn't it?

  9. No prayer is too small! (Or too big for that matter!)

    Way to go Maggie!

  10. Way to go Maggie!...and I imagine God welcomes the silly prayers!

  11. She is so stinkin' cute!!!

  12. Yay yay yay! Congrats to Maggie!!

    *And oh yeah, we can totally leave this house for you guys! We'd love to have you all as neighbors!!! :)

  13. Hooray for Maggie!! Thank the Lord for small miracles and answers to prayer. Keep up the good work Maggie!

  14. yay maggie!
    I'll be honest and admit I a little jealous since potty training Owen is going nowhere in my house.


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