Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have I mentioned?

Once a month, I will be writing an article over at  My most recent article can be found here: Celebrating A Special Birthday.  And I have to admit that it was supposed to post on Eamon's actual birthday, but for some reason, Lisa posted it a month late...which made for perfect timing while we are struggling with the IRS.  More on that tomorrow.


  1. still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers with the IRS thing.. i wish you both the best luck with that..

  2. Congrats on becoming a writer from CatholicMom! That is great. We are praying for you and the IRS situation.

  3. i love it, your words are so true and it seems like they should be easy to follow, but i have a hard time staying on track. it is always nice to hear encouragement.

  4. Sounds like a great week. I thought you were going to say Eamon got in trouble for talking about Jesus and the Saints, but then remembered your kids go to Catholic school! :)

    Over here, the big high was that I got a dishwasher for the first time in my life! I guess being pregnant with #5 comes with some rewards...

    The lows this week just relate to hubby and I trying to figure out how to fit everything we need to fit in one week with a busy, growing family. All good stuff, but I think everyone goes through it.

    The dishwasher should honestly help because I've been spending 2+ hours a day just washing dishes...

    Hugs & Prayers!

  5. What an honor to write for! I will be heading over there to read it.

    Praying all works out with the IRS!


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