Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hi Lo: October 1st (a day late and a dollar short...story of my life!)

1) Happy Feast Day, St. Therese!

2) Tonight my parents are having their house blessed.  We did this a couple of years ago, you can read about it here.  I think it's a VERY important thing to do for Catholic families.

3) J-P and Andrew have been winning their soccer games, and Andrew even scored again in his last game.  And we all know it's winning having fun that is truly important.

4) For a couple of months, I can finally say that Eamon and Maggie are 2 years apart (at the ages of four and two).  But come Dec. 1, they go back to being only a year apart.  And then the judgement/concern/rudeness begins again.  It's so much easier to just say they are twins. 

5) I've found some great new blogs that I can't seem to get enough of.  If I've been appearing in your combox lately, then you know who you are :)

6) Lots of fun times spent with friends this past week.  Love it!

1) Pimples, pimples everywhere.  I'm talking about MY face.  When does the madness end?

2) Got a haircut and it's too short.  I always do that.

3) Sticky, summer weather has been here all week.  Today is OCTOBER, so where's that autumn weather I love so much?

How were your weeks?


  1. Great week!

    I have been thinking of having our house blesses as well. As soon as we make a decision about which church we are going to change to. I'm going to read your post. THX!

    Would love to know the blogs you have found....I love reading!

    I can't even believe you get rudeness when you tell people your kid's ages. That's terrible. Keep your head high you are holding Treasures!

    Hhhmmmm...pimples????? Do you have news to share? Praying!

    Oh, I am so nosey today. Sorry.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. *we are big believers in having your home blessed too.

    * just got back from our own round of soccer games.

    * I am 38 and I still have pimples sometimes. But yeah pimples when only when I am pg or breastfeeding which has basically been for the past 13 years. You sure you are not expecting?

    * I think irish twins are so cute.

  3. Tina's right...pimples can be a sign of WONDERFUL NEWS!!! :-)

    Or, it can just be hormones, genetics, and sticky weather.

    I'm hoping it's the former!

  4. My weeks have been busy but blessed.

    Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus should definitely be a priority for Catholics.

    Pax Christi - Lena

  5. UGH! I totally understand the pimple part. It's just like "come on!" I thought I was past this stage of my life. LOL

  6. No joke - I JUST used "a day late and a dollar short"!! I swear I didn't read your blog until after I used it. Apparently, we are both behind on our bloggin ;)

    My Hi today was that I refrained from duct-taping our children to the wall after a long morning of meltdowns.

    My Low today was being so tired I rubbed my eyes excessively and black make-up is pouring down my face...I'm not sure how long I have looked like a zombie. Hoping it was AFTER my sister-in-law's baby shower!!!

    Our weekend here has been beautiful. Windows open and cool/crisp mornings. I hope it visits you soon. I can't get enough of the fall!!!

  7. Great week! Not so good here-wrote about it Friday. Glad we reconnected!

  8. Ugh, my skin has been a mess since . . . forever. When does it end? Although, after Tina's comment, now I am wondering too about some news ;)

    I'm sorry to hear about rude comments regarding your children's ages. I am totally confused by this. Can't really see how it's anyone's business!

  9. How wonderful to see someone celebrating St. Theresa's Feast Day- I love her so much. She has helpd me countless times!
    God Bless you


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