Friday, October 22, 2010

Hi Lo: October 22nd

1) Went to the Baptism of Laura's son.  Welcome to the Church, Joshua!  I also got to meet Yvette and Anthony:

Isn't it cool to meet people in real life when you feel like you already know them from their blog?

2) Happy Birthday this week to my oldest niece, Megan:
...and my nephew, Brogan:
...and my friend Marijanna:
October is a busy birthday month!

3) The fall weather is still beautiful.  We're getting close to having to turn the heat on in the house, but I'm fighting it for as long as possible.

4) Took the kids to get their flu shots last night.  This was a "Hi" because they got the flu mist instead of the needles. What a relief!

1) I had a 24 hour stomach bug this week.  Literally 24 hours.  Now I'm only about 4 stomach bugs away from my ideal weight ;)

2) Still praying for a speedy recovery for a friend and a resolution to an investigation for another.  God Speed!

How were your weeks?  Spill it!!


  1. yeah for flu mist.. that was super lucky!!!

    glad your stomach bug didn't last LONGER than 24 hours...

    have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  2. sounds like a good week. happy bday to all

  3. I love meeting blog friends in real life! I wish I could meet you! You know, if you ever come to Minnesota you've got to let me know! :)

  4. Ha, nice comment about the flu and being closer to your weight goal. That sounds like something I would think/say. Our week was good; I should do the hi/lo thing. We have quite a few birthdays starting in October and pretty much into January! Talk about a hard time to lose weight! :)

    Have a great weekend; OH YEAH, sorry for such a short comment re: your posts on you and Phil. I was reading it while on the elliptical and definitely am not a reader (or swyper) while exercising..more of a listener or t.v. watcher but I didn't want to wait to read it..I was hooked ;-) I just love hearing about how people get together!

  5. Yeah we broke down and put the heat on a few days ago. It is way too cold at night not to use it. I'm blaming Ben since he doesn't use a blanket yet but its really me who likes to be comfortable and warm :)

  6. Well, it's a "HI" that you're better! Good sense of humor about it. :-)

    How awesome that you got to meet Joshua and Robby and the gang! It's a blessing to meet bloggers in real life, isn't it? Let me know if you're ever coming to WI!

  7. Well, the high AND low of my week was getting the woodstove on. I'm so jealous of you people close to the ocean how it keeps you a bit warmer. But then again, when you guys have those big storms it feels nice to be a bit inland! :) It's a give and take.

    We also finished our first quarter in school! We made it and Daddy took the report card well, even though the kids have stuff to improve. (naturally)

    We all got to hear the baby's heartbeat at the midwife, good to hear. I'm 16 weeks and counting.

    The chickens are laying more eggs (high), but I still had to buy one dozen at the store (low, because I was bragging to the cashier last week how that was my last dozen!), I hope that's the last one!!!

    Sorry about the stomach bug, hopefully that means you won't get any more this winter!

  8. It made me laugh when you said you are only 4 stomach bugs away from your ideal weight. Ha! I'm five pregnancies away from my ideal weight. So there.


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