Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inside Peek

We had the chance to go visit our friend (and Maggie's Godfather), Fr. Dave, who is currently teaching at St. John's Seminary in Boston.  It is beautiful up there, especially on a crisp New England day, and I thought you all might enjoy a peek inside a seminary.  Because Lord knows when you'll get the chance otherwise!

The kids fell in love with the huge coloring wall dry-erase board:

Fr. Dave asks the kids some deeply theological questions. 

"What is the name of our Pope?"

"Anyone? ..."


"Oh yes, you, Eamon!"

"What did that crazy four-year-old just say?"

Back to more questions...

 John-Paul is the resident class clown, and Maggie is the resident Know-it-All...sounds about right!

Future priests like to exercise!
Gotta keep in shape...physically, spiritually, and mentally...to answer The Call :)

Future Priests like movies too!  Who knew?  They're almost human!

Maggie shows off her cuteness fitness routine:

 Future Priest Eamon, practices the Alleluia:

Seminarians can even play pool and Foosball :)

I was taking a picture of the massive hallway, when this cute nun popped out of her office.  "I thought I heard the pitter-patter of little feet", she cooed:

I can understand why the Church spends money on beautiful altars and art. 
It truly lifts your soul, and brings you closer to God. 
It makes you look to the Heavens instead of bringing you back to Earth. 
Just gorgeous:

And you may be surprised to learn that these young men also love to eat.
Oh, not surprised? 
Me either.
What's also not surprising is that all their food is prepared for them by others.

Priestly life and Married life are eerily similar that way ;)

Whatever Maggie wants, Maggie gets.
(At least from her Godfather!)

Ain't this the truth?:

A hike up to see Jesus:

The lion may be bigger, but I bet Maggie can out-stare him:

 Rolling, rolling, rolling...


  1. OH how nice! It looked like a wonderful day and the pictures are so beautiful. I hate going to any church and seeing nothing on the walls or stained glass in the windows. Those churches just look sad.

  2. This was great, thanks for sharing! I can't imagine a better Godfather than a priest!

  3. Looks like you had a great time!

  4. Love it! Thanks for the sneak peek :).

    And their menu looks delish!

  5. Love the inside peek! What a gorgeous seminary. When my brother was in minor seminary four years and then major for under a year, I loved visiting. (That probably sounds weird since I was single at the time, huh?) Any way, I loved the serenity there and the prayer. Not to mention there was something about those male voices in sung prayer that felt like Heaven.

    It looks like a wonderful visit for your family. Good to start those boys young :)

  6. This is so cute.
    Bueller? Bueller?
    I LOVE the plaque at the end talking about retirement...so sweet and funny.

  7. Oh how neat! What a beautiful place!! Looks like a fun time. Thanks for sharing the tour with us! :)

  8. Love the retirement sign!!!! That is awesome that you show your boys the inside of a seminary. It makes discerning a vocation a lot easier to have inside access to all the options!

  9. Awesome! I'd love to see those beautiful places in person!


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