Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can it Be?

Can my baby three?

Let's see:

Birth Day - December 1, 2007:

First Birthday:

Second Birthday:

Third Birthday:

Yup, it's true.  She's shockingly three already.
Maggie had a birthday cake last weekend at her Nana and Gramp's house.  We will be celebrating tonight with Snowman Sundaes.  She is beyond excited to be three, and I am happy that she will officially be done with the Terrible Two's.  It does go away overnight, right?

Happy Birthday to my favorite sweet and beautiful little girl!


  1. Happy 3rd Bithday to one of my favorite Bloggyland Blondies!! Have a great day Maggie!!

    Colleen, I've heard it said that after the Terrible Two's is the Terrific Three's...good luck with that :)

  2. Happy Birthday Maggie!!! Tell her Leo and Elena wish her a happy birthday as well. And please tell me it ends overnight. That way Leo will exit gracefully just as Elena goes blaring in!!

    Those pictures of her are so cute. She needs more pigtails in her life :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Maggie! Three is such fun around here - we love that age! Can't wait until Bun turns three in February. I'm sort of over the twos. ;)

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet little sweetie.
    I won't believe for a minute that she had the terrible twos...not with that face. ;)

  5. happy birthday and cute pics on both posts. I couldn't post on the above post because of the amazon widget over the post comment link for some reason.

  6. Our babies are just a few weeks a part! So hard to believe they will be 3 in 2 weeks! I hope 3 is an amazing year for Miss precious!


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