Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Waiting to come downstairs on Christmas morning:

Woo-hoo, presents galore!!

Maggie gets a new book (which has been great to bring to Mass):

Eamon is thrilled with his personalized piggy bank from Nana.  Now he's just like the big boys!

This was a popular movie this year...we received three of them!  Good thing Wal-Mart accepts most returns :)

Horses from Nana (I wonder if Aunt Diana had any part in picking these out??):

Yes!  More lego's!!

This little girl only asked for one Christmas gift - a baby Cinderella doll!  How fitting; a princess for a princess:

Boys and their toys...

This Christmas was very special, because we had a BIG gift to give to the kids.  But we didn't just want to tell them what it was, so we set up a scavenger hunt with clues.  Each clue led them to a scrabble letter, and another clue, until they found all 11 letters.

Then the unscrambling of the letters began:

What ever could it spell?

They finally figured out the second half with a little help:

And Andrew thought he had solved it with this:

With a little shuffle, they finally got it right!

Please don't mind the tired and frumpy mom with the video camera:

Grandpa and the boys are all smiles!

Now they just have to wait until February.  It just.might.kill.them!


  1. So fun and cute! What a happy bunch :)

  2. Cute! Disney World!! Wow! Have fun! I was wondering if they got the Nintendo DS or not.

  3. Cute! Disney World!! Wow! Have fun! I was wondering if they got the Nintendo DS or not.

  4. Love the jammies Eamon has . . . we have those too!

  5. awesome, what a great idea!

  6. Wow...that is a BIG gift. So happy for them!!

  7. looks like a great christmas. we got the same doll only in the sleeping beauty version.

  8. What a great Christmas! And I love the hidden clue/scrabble letter idea.

  9. Aw, they are SO excited! Sounds like it was a great Christmas for your family :)


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