Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi Lo: December 10th

1) Giving to charity makes me feel so good!  Each of the kid’s classrooms has it’s own charity for Christmas time.  Andrew’s class is collecting baby clothing and items, John-Paul’s class is filling backpacks with school supplies and hats and gloves, and Eamon & Maggie’s class is helping out children in need with the specific gifts they have asked for.  Sometimes when I am feeling sorry for myself, I think that we are a family in need, but then I get these reminders that there are so many families in much worse shape than we are, and I am more than happy to help them out.  These kids are asking for warm clothes, diapers and supermarket gift cards…they need the basic necessities of life, not the newest electronic gadget, and isn’t that the least we can give them?

2)   Phil and I got to go to a Christmas party at the kid’s school (because I do the accounting work for them) and it was very nice.  Good food and great people!

3)   John-Paul has been such a good boy lately.  I don’t know if it was the First Penance that made him more conscious of his good/bad deeds, or just because it’s Advent, but he has been exceptionally good.  We expect a lot out of that kid, and he has been giving even more J  The other morning, I went down to start the car before school, and John-Paul came with me and opened up the door on the other side of the car.  I asked him what he was doing, and he said he always opens the door for the little kids because they need help, then he opens his door.  So sweet!


1)   I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new job.
(Disclaimer: I know I am lucky to have a job at all!)

How were your weeks?  Ready for Christmas yet?


  1. Oh, man. We are still praying for something to make that job situation more bearable if not enjoyable. So glad, though, that you are being positive about the blessings your family has - it's a gift to be so aware!

  2. last year when my johnpaul was in 2nd-communion year he was amazingly good. i think they must get special graces before their communion. This year...i have threatened no christmas presents several times. lol.

    anyway, i hope your job improves in some way to make it easier.

  3. Hi's: Hubbie got quoted in the newspaper

    Low's: I've just been taking humble pills every day this week. I think I've given up everything, but then I find more I have to give up. (Along the lines of serenity prayer stuff.) We mothers keep giving and giving until it hurts, then we give some more! Nothing to get down in the dumps about, it's just motherhood after all. I think we all feel that way.

    PS. Sorry about the work situation, but do you think it's ok to discuss it so frankly? I doubt they're reading, but just don't want anything to make it worse. Hugs & Prayers to you!

  4. Oh man...I'm so sorry Colleen. The only thing that kept me going when I was working was knowing that our paycheck was getting us to the next step in life. (In our case - we were able to put a down payment on our house.) I'll keep praying for you that you get a visit from Ed McMahon visits you with a Clearing House check :)

  5. Heather,
    You're absolutely right...I never know who is reading...sometimes I forget that this is a public blog and not my private diary! I will be more cautious in the future :)

    Thank you to everyone else for the prayers!


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