Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Daybook (is that what it's called?)

Outside my window...

...snow showers...same as last night, and tomorrow, and the next day.  But we love it!

I am thinking...

...about how awesome the Patriots are!  31 to 27 last night, they are going to take it this year!

From the lesson plans...

...ummmm, you'd have to ask my kid's teachers :)

From the kitchen...

...stuffed shells for dinner tonight, and I will be making Cranberry Squares to give out to co-workers this week.  But all I really want to eat is a cheeseburger and french fries dipped in ranch dressing!

I am wearing...

...jeans, a black t-shirt and red fleece top.  It's dress-down week at work since all the students are home for Christmas break.

I am creating...

...another Martin baby!

I am reading...

...blogs, and I just finished the Faith and Family Magazine.  I am about to review a book, but I'm giving it to my husband as a Christmas gift first (yes, I'm cheap frugal like that!)

I am hoping...

...that this baby will be healthy because I am not feeling anywhere near as sick as I was with the other four babes.  (Funny thing is, it's exactly what I prayed not be sick...but now that I'm not, I'm praying that everything is ok.  I need to TRUST more!)

I am hearing...

...Christmas music playing on the radio at work, the heat blowing, co-workers munching and typing.
Around the house...

...Christmas decorations everywhere!  Even outside now because my lovely husband finally took the thousand hints and put up some festive lights, lighted trees and a wreath.  It makes me feel so cozy and happy.
I am going... look up a good recipe for Cinnamon Rolls to be made on Christmas Eve night and baked in the morning.  Anyone have any good ones?

One of my favorite things...

Christmas pageants.  The kids had their school pageant yesterday (complete with a live baby Jesus) and it made me tear up, it was so beautiful.  John-Paul sang in the choir and the other kids were "Children of the World" - all dressed in their finest.

I am praying for...

Only one baby in the womb!  (Twins scare me!)

A few plans for the rest of the week...
...Baking, watching Elf and The Nativity, wrapping gifts, and spending time with family!! 

A picture thought…

(See the new header above)
Pictures from before the pageant and a visit to LaSalette Shrine to see all the lights.


  1. I've always wanted to try the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls

    Oh, and about the Patriots, I think you have to hand it to the Packers though, that they did that well with a backup quarterback who had never started in an NFL game. I'm from WI though so I'm biased. But I'm more of a hockey watcher than a football watcher. I fell asleep on the couch last night watching the game. :)

  2. I love the new header photos!Your kids are so darling all dressed up...give them each an extra hug tonight..just for their sweetness :)

    Glad to see your Daybook! When I'm feeling like I want to post, but feel scattered or I need to refocus on my week ahead I always enjoy doing them as well. Short and sweet and to the point.

    Still awaiting news with you whether that will be a single baby or twins. Wouldn't that be crazy!!?? Seriously, I kind of prayed for this one of ours to be twins and I know others did too just because we had to wait so long. BUT, I think for my OCD/perfectionist personality it's best to just go with singles :) I did however think that since Clomid was involved that our chances were pretty good to end up with twins...Reed, totally freaked about twins and apparantly his prayers cancelled mine out. lol.
    I guess twins these days only seem to be fore 'celebrities' any way..Angelina, Mariah Carey, etc. Oh well. They've got nannies!!

    Blessings on your family this final week of advent as you prepare for Christmas!

  3. yep.. i love your new header and pic too!!

    hope you are doing well!!

  4. THis is the lady who started the Simple Woman Daybook. There are over a thousand people who play along. Some people like to add things like instead of the lesson plan, I do laundry room. I also add Speech Therapy and Little Eric titles as well. Have fun with it and make it your own. =)

    I love the new header as well.

  5. oh my congrats on the new martin. I had a feeling something was up.

    I always wanted twins...still do.

    Cinnamon rolls? try pillsbury. Just as good and easy. i once did a whole big thing of them from SCRATCH and they took forever to make and not as good. You have to let them rise and that takes too long...just skip it and pop them in with pillsbury...LOL.

  6. Allison sent you a good link. The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls are WONDERFUL!! They take some time, and unless you want to feed an army make half the batch but they are so worth it!!

  7. LOL, twins scare me too :) Try PW's cinnamon rolls. I've made them several times, and they are DELICIOUS!

  8. YYUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Cinnamon Rolls.......mmmmm

    Oh, sorry, daydreaming about the greater aspects of being pregnant especially during a feasting season!

    Alton Brown from the Food Network (I'm a total dork)

    THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! We make them for special mornings, like Easter, Mother's day, Pregnant-and-want-something-fattening-and-delicious. You know, the special occasions. They take a little work the night before, but in the morning you let them rise with boiling water in the oven, and then bake, then consume with enthusiasm and sound effects. My mouth is watering, but they are not on the weight-watcher's menu. *ahem*

    I, like Allison, also would love to try Pioneer Woman's. She says if you make only ONE of her recipes it should be that one. I believe her. She's incredible. She beat Bobby Flay on Throwdown. She blogs and homeschools and photographs and COOKS all things wonderful. start with a love of butter and end with deliciousness in your mouth.

    I am SO happy for yall, Congratulations on the growing Little One! Merry Christmas!

  9. This is so sweet Coleen!
    Love your list; well your window to the world.
    I was not sick with number 2, all was well. You are doing great...have a wonderful day!


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