Monday, January 3, 2011

A Letter to the Old Me

Dear Colleen from 2010,
    First, I must say how wonderful you look!  You won't believe me because you can't take a compliment, but you look fit and well-rested and healthy.  You set your mind to completing your first half-marathon in March of 2010, and you surprised yourself with how well you did.  You finally seem to have it all together - marriage, children, work, health.  Good for you!  Because all that's about to change.  At the end of the year. you will learn that you are pregnant with your fifth child and will immediately become tired, flabby,and cranky.  So enjoy this time now while you can.
    Secondly, you know how you always worry about when or if you should have another baby?  STOP! All that worrying is a big waste of time.  Because God is in charge and you will be expecting a new baby sooner than you thought.  And you know what else, you will be 100% happy about it.  For real!  All those concerns you have about childcare, morning sickness, fitting all 5 children in the car, and timing it best with work, will all melt away.  Fitting five car seats in the car - no need....John-Paul will be 8 and won't need to be in one any longer.  Morning sickness - not an issue this time around (at least not enough to stop you from what you should be doing).  Childcare - a beloved friend will offer to take care of your baby for you while you work, so that you can help her out with a way to stay at home and earn money.  Timing - well, if we waited for the perfect time to get pregnant, nobody would ever have a baby!  Besides, July is nice and warm and Phil will be home for a month before school starts up again.  God has always provided for you, and He will continue to do so.  Amazing, huh?
    You know that job of yours that took away sick days and holiday pay?  They also didn't give anyone a raise for the year?  Well, try and remind yourself that even though those perks were hard to lose, you actually did enjoy your job.  Don't be so quick to leave in search of greener pastures, sometimes those pastures are full of manure.
    Finally, remember that ten year anniversary trip to Hawaii you've been saving for? Well, with a new baby coming and economic times still tough, you probably won't be able to swing it.  But, don't fret, I hear going for the 25th Anniversary makes it even more special :)
     Good luck in 2011.  Trust your judgement, listen to your wise husband, spend every moment possible with the best little kids on Earth (they just so happen to live in your house), and pray that God keeps on taking care of things in the future just as He has in the past.


  1. Awesome :) Babies are so exciting, aren't they?!?! I'm glad your morning sickness isn't terrible and that everything is working out well! July babies are great!!! (July 15th is a perfect day for a birthday!)

  2. Oh my, we certainly could tell our Old Selves a lot in hind sight...and a year later. There are so many lessons 2010 taught me and I think I can even say that I'm pleased with the woman I've become in the last year. I found myself reading your post and tearing up. While our stories (and fertility *wink*) are quite different, I think it's our growth as women, wives and mothers that so often can be forgotten. Thank you for the reminder!

    I look forward to sharing 2011 with you Colleen! May you and your household continue to be blessed in the new year, dear friend.

  3. I love this post and your positive outlook!

  4. What a wonderful letter! And yes, God's timing is always PERFECT!

  5. Awesome post! I think I need one of those conversations myself!

  6. This is beautiful and so is your attitude.
    Glad you are still feeling well, take care. Happy New year!

  7. Will you send me a letter like that when ever I am blessed to be expecting again? It's awesome!

  8. Great letter to your old self!

    God is great in his timing ... though sometimes I would like a little insight on why.

    July would be a great time to have a baby.

  9. I love this post Colleen! Great advice we could all benefit from...stop worrying and TRUST! Thanks for the reminder, 2011 is going to be a great year! :-)


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