Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disney World: Day One

The Magic Kingdom Castle (for Lilly, my niece):

Grandpa and John-Paul go for a spin:

Phil, Andrew and Eamon are speedsters:

Maggie LOVES Minnie Mouse:

The Mad Tea Cups:

We happened to walk in front of the castle right before Mickey's show was going to start.  It was awesome!

Waiting in line...

Waiting for the parade:

And here it comes!!!

On the ferry ride back to the car:

A story: A little girl (about 3) lost her Mickey balloon when she got on the ferry.  She was crying hysterically, and we all felt so sorry for her.   The balloon flew off, but had a weight on the bottom of the string so it was dragging across the water and up onto the coast.  A Disney worker jumped in his speedboat and raced off after it across the water and beached his boat, hopped off, and ran up the coast to catch it.  He got it!  Then he drove his boat to where we were getting off the ferry and gave it back to the little girl.  Everyone on the ferry was watching the exciting chase scene, and cheering loudly for the heroic balloon catcher.  It was great!

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  1. cute balloon story. Looks like an awesome vacation.


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