Friday, February 18, 2011

Hi Lo: February 18th


1) Today feels like Spring!  Ok, it's only going to be in the 50's here, but compared to the snowy winter we've had, it feels so wonderful!!

2) My parents called from Florida (they've been down there for three weeks) saying that it's been in the 80's, so we're very excited to spend our days in the pools.

3) Tomorrow is our Godson's Baptism, which we will be able to attend in MD.  God Bless Dominic! 

4) Sarah is due any minute!!!  Praying for a safe and quick delivery!


1) We have been busy planning, packing, and cleaning because we leave for vacation tomorrow at 4 am.  I like to leave the house spotless so when we return with all our luggage, it doesn't seem too overwhelming.  It makes leaving stressful, especially since all the kids are too little to pack for themselves yet.  But I know it will be so worth it in the end.

2) Praying for a friend who suffered a miscarriage.  She has a wonderful outlook on the whole experience, but of course is aching for her baby.

3) I got a comment yesterday from someone suffering from infertility that was hurt by what I wrote about what I believe are immoral ways of having children.  I feel so badly for hurting someone, as that is never my intention, but I also feel strongly about my Catholic faith and beliefs, and wouldn't want to lead anyone astray. 

How were your weeks?  Any highs and lows?


  1. A. Loving the sunshine too!

    B. Do your parents want to adopt me and take me too Florida??? ;)

    C. Be joyful and don't let the lows get you down!

  2. I do the EXACT same thing every time we leave for vacation! It makes the entry back into real life so much easier! Have a great trip!

  3. Enjoy your vacation yay!

  4. Coming home to a tidy house is the best.
    Have a fantastic trip...rememeber the sunscreen!

  5. I always make sure we come back to a clean house, too. It's makes the joy of coming home even greater.

    And I admire your strength and faith in sharing the truths of natural and moral law. Children are a gift and we do not "deserve" and nor are we "entitled" to them. The end doesn't justify the means, ESPECIALLY because the "means" often result in lives lost. I feel greatly for those who cannot have children, but I know and hope that they someday know that God has plans for them and for the abundance of love they have and desire to share. We must keep educating and loving them, and I know you do both.


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