Friday, February 4, 2011

Hi Lo: February 4th


1) We've been doing lots of sledding around here.  Some pics to prove it:

 2) It was Catholic Schools Week this week, and each day there was something fun for the kids to do.  One day is Mismatch Day where the kids are supposed to wear clothes that don't match.  I think they should rename it "Let the Dads Choose Outfits They Think Look Good Day" and voila! instant mismatched clothes :)

3) We had Parent Teacher Conferences for Andrew, Eamon and Maggie this week.  Isn't it nice to hear how wonderful your kids are doing?  These teachers sure know how to sweet-talk parents!

4) Because of all the snow, I got out of work early one day - wahoo!  I haven't worked a full 40 hour week in a couple weeks, not that I'm complaining!

5) I started "swimming" again at work on my lunch break.  I was doing the elliptical machine, but the water feels oh so good on my belly.  I say "swimming" because I don't really swim laps, I run in place with floaty weights and I do laps with the kickboard.  Oh yeah, I can see my future now...
6) My baby sister turned 30 this week.  How can my little sister now be older than me????

7) The kids came home from school yesterday telling us that it was Chinese New Year's and we should get chinese food for dinner.  You really can't argue with that reasoning, so we happily obliged!

8) I just found out about a foundation called Cleaning for a Reason.  They provide a free monthly cleaning for four months to a woman undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  How cool is that?  They say that they will focus on the house so the woman can focus on her health.  I just passed this along to a friend undergoing chemo right now.  Please share it with anyone you know that could benefit!


1) So with all the sledding came an injury.  Andrew has no fear about throwing his 6-year-old body down the hill, and we went to a new place with a HUGE hill that he ran to try out first. 

We lost sight of him and heard him crash into a tree.  He hurt his arm and sad to say, lost his swagger.  He didn't complain too much, but when we got home, he cried and said it hurt.  I called my brother and brother-in-law who are ER docs asking their advice, and they both said to give him motrin and see how he was in the morning.  He could move his arm and his fingers when we asked. 

The next morning, he still didn't want to use his arm and cried that it hurt, so I took him to the doctor, who sent me for an x-ray, which turned out fine.  Just a big bruise and some swelling and fluid around the elbow.  Andrew was thrilled to see his arm bones.  We went home and iced it gave more motrin, and he was much better the next day.  Kids are so resilient!

2) John-Paul got in trouble at school for not listening to his teacher three times in a row when she asked him to put away his book.  He told us about it right away, and said he didn't hear her because the book was  The book he was reading?  The BFG by Roald Dahl, one of my favorites as a kid too! 

This is the first book that John-Paul has finally loved.  He loves to read but gives dismal reviews at the end of each one.  Finally something he enjoys.  Too bad he enjoyed it so much he forgot to listen.  Ah, like mother, like son.

3) I had my emotional crying fit for this pregnancy this week.  My poor husband, how does he deal with me all hormonal like this?  I think I've only had one crying session per pregnancy, so hopefully there won't be anymore.

4) Every morning, I go out to start the car before taking the kids to school.  It's been so cold here that I need to run the heat for a while before driving it.  Anyway, when the kids go to get in the car a few minutes later, the sliding van doors are always frozen shut.  I have to yank and yank before they slide open for me, and sometimes I can't even get them to open, and the kids have to crawl in through the front.  Does anyone have any suggestions for this?  Does it happen to your minivans too, or is it just the VW Routan?

If you're still reading...God Bless Ya!  That was a busy week.  How were your weeks?  Any highs and lows?


  1. Glad your little guy is alright!

    Eat chocolate..that always helps with my ups and downs!!

  2. Ummm... so I'm going to be starting the Aqua Fit class at my gym, so I'm gonna be jamming out with the little old ladies! I just figured the water would feel good. Little old ladies are the best company anyways! :D

    Glad I'm not the only pregnant one sledding!

    And good luck with the hormones! ;)

  3. I love all your hi's and lol'ed at #2.
    Hopefully the crying fit won't happen again, but if it are in good hands. :)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. The pictures of you all sledding are great! I get the ups and wons with out being pregnant!! Enjoy this time! There may be hormonal ups and downs, but it is so fun and special!

  5. Potato Hill in Westport is where Jonah took the boys. Its down by the vineyard. Its huge. He said it was a couple hundred feet long. Your kids would love it!! Yes my doors are freezing shut too. So annoying!! Just think warm thoughts soon you'll be in Florida!!

  6. The sliding door freezing thing happens here, too. I'm not sure why and I don't know what to do about it! It will either end with the door breaking or my arm falling off...(and we have a Honda minivan)

  7. You guys have been getting pummeled with snow this winter! My grandma said there are piles 6 ft. high everywhere!

    As for John Paul and reading/school, that was me as a kid! I get really into my books!


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