Thursday, May 5, 2011

Martin Family Updates: Spring Edition

Lots going on at the Martin Household (as I'm sure is the case with all of your families as well!).  Spring is such a busy season, although much anticipated after the cold and snowy winter months we've had.  Here's the breakdown of what's been going on, much more for my "scrapbooking" sake than for sorry!

Mr. Martin:
He has just finished another class towards another Master's degree, this time in Educational Administration, and only has five classes left.  I am so proud of his hard work.  He makes awesome grades and just gets all his work done without having it interfere with our family time.  I don't know how he does it.  I would be such a stressball!  He is also wrapping up the year as CCD Director - lots of First Communion practices, and he has to go to Confirmation tonight.  So busy!

My big eight-year-old is making his First Communion this Saturday!  We are thrilled, and so is he.  He has been asked to do the first reading, which is LONG and we have been practicing at night.  I bought him a new suit that hopefully we'll get a lot of good use out of, with all these boys, and he was so excited to go to the tailor to get the pants hemmed.  He was just as excited to get new markers and coloring pencils for his school supplies.  This kid is easy to please!  He is still in the Junior Choir at school, and Little League just started up again, so we have Wednesday practices and Saturday games until the end of June...which is right when track will start.  No rest for the weary!

I can't believe this guy is only in Kindergarten.  He seems so much older than that to me.  He is also playing baseball again, and is on the same team as J-P.  Last weekend, Phil took him out for the second time to try to teach him to ride a two-wheeler bike, and boom - he got it!  He just took off and was so proud of himself.  I wish I had a picture of him on it, but haven't captured the moment yet.  I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities since that's all he wants to do now!  After having swimming lessons over spring break, I think this kid is going to be a swimmer.  He is just a natural at every sport he has tried and has no fear.  He is also training to run a 5K race with Phil and J-P on Father's Day...I think he's young, but he's insisting, so we'll give it a try.

My little meatball will be finishing up his second year in preschool next month, and is counting down the days until summer vacation.  He is still my cuddlebug.  His favorite thing to do is just sit with me and talk my ear off.  His second favorite thing to do is color me pictures.  Mostly of me and him with no arms ("cuz, he can't draw those good yet"), or an outdoor scene with a big sun at the top.  It's always sunny with Eamon around!  He just learned to pump on a swing on his own (I think my kids learn this skill late for some reason) but still needs a push in the beginning to get going.  His reading is coming along well, he's at the point where he's making random guesses at words that don't make sense...but hey, he's trying!  He will be doing track again in June, and is over-the-moon thrilled to be old enough to play soccer in the fall.

After all my complaining about how naughty she can be, this girl is finally starting to turn a corner.  She has been so sweet and lovey-dovey lately.  She even lets me pick out a dress for her to wear every once in a while and do "piggy-tails" if I'm lucky.  She tells me she loves the baby, and thinks it's a boy, and can't wait to go buy "nubies" (pacifiers) for him when he's born.  I think she just misses her nubies!  She will be old enough for track next month, and has really grown by leaps and bounds this year in preschool.  After watching a little of the Royal Wedding with me, she pouted "I'm a real princess too!" and around here, we certainly agree that she's our little princess!

In pregnancy related news - I'm hugenormous...that's a word right? I've gained 20 pounds in 27 weeks, even though I'm walking between 22-27 miles a week.  I had a dream that this baby was a 16 pound boy, so let's say I'm a little worried about how big (s)he's going to be!  Last night I dreamed I was back in Austria and John Stamos wanted to date me, so I'm hoping my dreams aren't based on reality at all!  I will be making some changes soon regarding my current and future jobs, but will let you know all about that later.  It will be a great change, and one that should allow me to be at home with my kids this summer :)  Other than that, I am busy getting my house clean for J-P's First Communion party on Saturday night (18 adults and 19 children).  It should be fun!


  1. That was a great update!

    I have to say YOU ARE AMAZING!

    Blessings on the First Holy Communion, it's a special time!

  2. good luck with the first communion.

    sounds very busy over there.

  3. John Stamos??!! How can I compete with Uncle Jesse from Full House?

  4. Don't worry Phil, I said he TRIED to date me. I still choose you even in my wildest dreams. You're my one and only :)

  5. My oldest just had his first communion too! It is so amazing! Enjoy it!

  6. AnonymousMay 05, 2011

    WE have a First Communion this Saturday, too! I will be praying for JP. :)

  7. I loved reading your family updates Colleen! It sounds like everyone is growing by leaps and bounds in time for Baby Boo's arrival. Yay!

    I can't wait to hear your news with your job situation, etc. Also, amazed that you are walking 22-27 miles/week. You go Mama! I thought I was doing pretty good at power walking 10-15miles/week. Gee, you put me to shame ;) And, 20 lbs. at 27 weeks, not bad. I think you are doing great!

    Congrats to John-Paul on his big day! Such an exciting day for him and for your family.

    Happy Mother's Day early, to one of my favorite bloggy Mom's!!

  8. I love this family update!
    Your kids are wonderful and you will always be busy with them; heck, you will stay out of trouble that way!
    Don't fret about your weight...enjoy it while you can.

  9. GREAT update! Thrilled to hear how everyone is doing well and has things to look forward to - track, a baby, new job! Can't wait to get the next installment!

  10. oooh, can't wait to hear about the new jobs!


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