Monday, May 9, 2011

Our First Receives His First

John-Paul received his First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 7th.  The Church looked beautiful:

Mr. Serious:

Smiling after it was all done!  He did a great job with the first reading, but wasn't close enough to the microphone, so I'm not sure how many people in the church actually heard him.

Isn't that CCD Director in the back the most handsomest man you have ever seen?  ;)

19 children received First Communion at our parish:

Martin Family:

Gammy and John-Paul:

Grandpa and Gammy with J-P.  It was around this picture that he stated he had forgotten how to smile.

With Uncle Brian, his godfather:

The cake I slaved over.  Not!

The three cousins who all made their First Communion within the last week (Bridget, J-P, and Caitlin):

Lots of good food and conversation at the party.  I should have taken more pictures, especially of the 19 cousins playing outside, but I was feeling too pregnant to go out there.


Miraculously, John-Paul found his smile again while opening up presents.  He made out like a bandit, with gifts of money, and many religious items:

And Mom and Dad gave him some secular gifts as well - candy, gum, and a new Wii game!

(Professional pictures of the actual reception of the Eucharist to come...)


  1. Congrats! And your parish is GORGEOUS! I'm extremely envious.

  2. Deo gratias!
    may the graces from this special day and sacrament continue to flow through your dear son and beautiful family.

    your church is breath taking!

    feel free to share your joy at my (perpetual) linky party, FIRST COMMUNION JOY.

    pax Christi - lena

  3. What a special day for your family! God bless John-Paul!! :)

  4. AnonymousMay 09, 2011

    Beautiful! What a wonderful day!

  5. Congratulations John-Paul!I was thinking of you on Saturday!

    Great photos to remember a very special day.

  6. Congratulations John-Paul!! It looks like you guys had a wonderful day! So happy for him!

  7. Congrats to your son and your family.

    You look great!

  8. You must be so proud! Such beautiful photos. Congrats to JP! And I love the comment about feeling "too pregnant". I SO feel ya on that one.


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