Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reason 497 Why I Love My Mom

On Sunday night, my Mom and Dad stopped by to say hi to the kids and ended up staying for an impromptu cookout.  Somehow we got on the topics of childhood pranks, and I asked them if anyone ever tipped a cow (my Dad grew up in Ireland around farms).  They didn't even know what I was talking about. 

(My sister-in-law, Lisa, my Dad and my Mom)

So Phil and I were trying to explain how some punks, probably while drunk, think it's fun to tip over a cow and then the cow can't get back up.  My mom was soooo sad that someone would do this.  Then today at work, I get this email:

Hi Colleen,
I can’t stop thinking about those poor cows that those hooligans tip over for fun. Cows are so gentle and peaceful and they just live to give us milk, cream, ice cream. I can’t stop thinking of them struggling to get up. I hope I never see anyone doing that or they will get a piece of my mind
Love Ya,

I laughed and laughed when I read it, because she is so stinkin' cute and innocent!  So I emailed her back telling her she cracks me up, and asking her permission to print her email on my blog.  She writes back:

Why do I crack you up? If you think it will prevent anyone doing such a thing then you can certainly put it on your blog!!!

So all you cow-tippers out there ~ beware of my mother!  She's looking for you!!

Love you Mum! :)


  1. Haha, I'm from Wisconsin, so of course we've had talk of tipping cows. I mean, there's cows everywhere around us! I've never done it though, I too feel bad for the cows, and imagine how heavy they'd be!

    We have played "Hey Cow" though before. That's a really stupid game where you drive down farm roads and yell out "Hey Cow!" really loudly at the cows to see if any look. You get a point for each cow that does.

    Oh, the fun things we do out in the country..

  2. You have a sweet mom!
    My husband grew up on a farm/ranch in a small farming community, so he knows all about tipping cows and so I must share what cow tipping actually is - to put your mom's mind to rest about the "poor cows".
    Cows are very heavy and have good balance, so it is nearly impossible to actually push a cow over. The cow tipping prank is actually a ploy to ditch someone. Here's how it works...

    If friends A and B are hanging out with friend C and want to play a prank on friend C, they take C out to a meadow of cows outside of town. They explain cow tipping the way you did in your post. They instruct C to sneak up to the cow. While C is sneaking up, A and B make a mad dash for the car and drive away leaving C stranded. Before the age of cell phones, C would be left to walk back to town humiliated.
    And that is how to go "cow tipping". Tell your mom not to feel sorry for the cows, but the poor stranded friend Cs out there.

  3. oh I am with your mother. These poor defenseless cows.

    I think the game of hey cow is a much better one.

  4. HHAAAAAHAHAAAHAHAHAA!!! I have tears streaming down my face :) That is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Ohhhhhh - thanks for the good laugh.

    (Despite my pee-pee laughter, I agree - tipping cows for fun is just mean and cruel! Even though it's my favorite part in the movie Cars.)

  5. Awwwww your mum is so sweet!

    I felt bad for the cows too and someone told me finally that the cows actually don't tip.

    so it must be for that leaving people thing.

  6. I can't stop thinking about your poor tender-hearted mom, either! Wikipedia has this to say about the myth of cow tipping, it should help put her heart to rest:

  7. i also don't think its funny at all and I can't understand why ppl think it is. I guess I just don't get it.

  8. I feel exactly like your mother does, Colleen and I had never heard of it until Jonathan told me about it while he was in Iowa...NOT that he ever did it.

  9. That is so cute! Your mom is adorable!

  10. i am laughing so HARD right now..\
    thnx for sharing this!

  11. I am laughing so hard too!!!!
    How cute is she????
    Tell her I never, ever, ever would tip a cow. EVER.


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