Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Feast Day!

 Today is the Assumption - and as I remind my kids each year...the Assumption is when Mary went to Heaven, not Jesus...that was the Ascension.  The Assumption has an "m" in it, like "M"ary - that's a good trick I remember my mom teaching me when I got confused.  She also taught me that the stationery you write on has an "e" like "e"nvelope, not an "a" as in the stay-still-kind-of-stationary.  Of course, she taught me that one on the day I lost the second grade spelling bee to Gina Risio because I spelled the wrong stationery.  But I digress.  

Here's a couple of pictures of Xander from this weekend:

Grandpa with his 20th grandchild.  Xander is one of 11 grandsons and 9 granddaughters - so if I had a girl they would have ten of each - whoops, my uterus must have missed that memo!

Me and my new man.

Phil with my niece, Katie, who is obsessed with her new baby cousin.  So cute!

OK, that's it.  Sorry for the lack of blogging, but we've been extra busy with the baby lately.  Also, our computer was acting up, so I had no patience to write a post that may have gotten deleted when our computer accidentally shuts down.  But now we have a new computer and if I could just get an extra set of hands, I'd be all set :)


  1. Thanks for the spelling tip!! Should Lily ever be in a spelling bee (I used to love those things!!), I will be sure to remind her of this just in case any of those words come up. lol.

    Lookin' good mama!

    When I figure out a way for us moms to grow another arm or something you'll be the first to know! My arms and hips come in handy all day long. Grateful for both.

  2. Cutest pictures ever, Colleen! I'm so glad you have time for a quick update. Looks like you're all settled in and enjoying every minute! :)

  3. and principal has a pal in it since he can be your pal unlike principle...anyway, looks like everyone is enjoying the little guy.


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