Friday, September 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - Volume 4

1) We put the kids to work and had them wash "the Beast" before the hot days fade away:

They thought it was so fun!

2) This is who watches down over us when we're on the computer.  Isn't she beautiful? And He looks so adorably content:

3) We are looking at what hopefully is our last home daycare today.  The decision should be made soon, but we want to look at all our options. Depending on what this one is like, we will probably be signing Xander up at a daycare center that's about a mile away from our house and got great reviews.  

4) Isn't it funny how on Labor Day, nobody labors??  Well, except for the people who work in hospitals..and restaurants...and gas stations...and police/fire men...ok, nevermind.

5) The word floating around my home lately that is driving me BONKERS is when the kids say "whatever".  This is payback for all those times I said it to my parents...urgh!

6) We will be getting three new nieces or nephews this winter!  My sister-in-law is pregnant with bambino number 6, and my other sister-in-law is pregnant with twins!  They are actually due the same day - I just love me some big families :)

7) I finally started running again this week.  I completed two three-mile runs, and one four-miler this morning.  And it felt soooooo good! 


  1. Oh, i'm so jealous you can run. I started walking yesterday and will hopefully get a walk in this evening when the 100 degree temperatures die down. =)

  2. adorable pictures of the kids washing the van! and I love the new blog header picture. you have some CUTE kids! :)

  3. I love big families too! Wish we could have five more :) Good luck deciding on a daycare. I know you'll know when it's right.


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