Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - Volume 5

1) Eamon and Maggie started preschool (again!) on Tuesday.  This year they are in different classrooms, and considering how much they are fighting with each other lately, I think this is a good thing!  

2) Tonight I am going to a Pampered Chef party at my friend's house.  I LOVE their stuff, but considering we have been living on just one teacher's income since May, I don't think I will be able to afford anything.  It will be fun to socialize (with Alexander at my breast side) since it seems I haven't had a "girl's night" in forever!

3) Soccer. Scheduling. Super Hard!  We have the three boys in soccer this fall, and they each have games on Saturdays at varying times which will take extreme coordination skills in and of itself.  But they also have practices on Wed (J-P) and Fri (Andrew) and clinics on Mondays.  We are going to be living at the fields, I'm afraid.

4) Speaking of sports, my kids love to play all kinds which we are grateful for since we are athletes ourselves (not great ones...but somebody needs to warm the bench, right?).  But with four seasons of sports (soccer, basketball, baseball, and track) and five children, we are trying to decide if we should only let them pick two sports each to cut down on the expense and time-suck sports bring with them.  Any thoughts?

5) Thank you for your advice on thank you notes.  I will be writing plenty this weekend :)

6) I just want to say how much I love you my blog buddies.  Especially while I am at home on maternity leave, reading about my friends is one of the best parts of my day, and makes me feel so loved and accepted and happy :)  You guys are the best!

7) I gots nothing more to say...I know...shocking!  Phil, please don't have a heart attack ;)


  1. My kids are not too into sports. My oldest runs and does archery and my middle just follows what his brother does. My oldest loves cub scouts though. We have done a teams that are more play and skill based and all the practices were on the same night at the same fields.

    Plus, up until 6 months ago, my husbands work schedule varied so much that it really did not allow for the kids to be going in different directions.

    Anyways, a friend of mine with 12 kids limits the # of sports each kid does so they are not running all over all the time. And, I know she said she had done this in the past, but unless there is an older sibling that is on the same team, her kids did not play on a team until 3rd grade.

  2. We live 6 miles out of town in the country. The driving alone would kill me. Since you are a real sports family...and we are not...I cannot comment too much. We just do not get into it like other families do.

    I am also very selfish and want our weekends for our family. It would drive me crazy to leave home and run around. But that is just us. Most other people do it and they seem happy.

  3. Maggie, fighting?? I can't believe it!!!!! I suppose about now you're telling me not to let the blonde innocence fool me, huh? :)

    I've always marveled how you can keep it all together and keep the kids so active!! You rock mama! Keep on if you can, but otherwise I'd def. say to make it easier on you and the budget, maybe a limit is necessary? Not like I'd know. My boy hates sports and could probably use more. Maybe you can send your boys over for a couple weeks?

    Enjoy Pampered Chef! I love just about any reason to get together with friends and out the door. Not very often, so I treasure them all.

    Still thinking of you on maternity leave and lovin' on that little handsome pants of yours!!!

  4. I say don't limit them! Our kids that are still young and learning to play different sports, usually play everything. But it does not last forever. Our oldest (17) used to play everything and now just plays two sports (his and snow skiing). Eventually, it works itself out and they figure out what they do and don't want to play (usually around 11/12 years). Some of our best times are watching our kids play sports and hanging with their teammates' parents. There will be times when you will have to rely on other parents, friends and family to watch a game or pick up/drop off your kids at practice but that is life and there are always people willing to help! I know someday, we will all miss watching our kids sporting events and driving around in the van all day and night to different activities!! LOL take care and good luck.

  5. I sometimes find it hard to come up with 7 quick takes too. I also hope Phil won't have a heart attack. Your too busy for that with 5 children.

  6. We have 3 in soccer this year too. DH is coaching M's team. We have practices all 5 days and games Saturday and Sunday. Just got back from the fields and I am exhausted!


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